Best Sleep Apps for Longer, Healthier Sleep

Sleep Cycle

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Track your sleep from bedtime till morning with an intelligent alarm clock and tracker with sleep cycle and get detailed analysis that makes waking up in the morning bit easy.

  • convenient
  • high flexibility

  • improves sleep cycle
  • sleep quickly


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If you want to calm your mind, stay asleep and wake up refreshed pzizz app helps you sleep better at night or take power naps during the day.

  • quickly quiet mind
  • mix of music and sound effects

  • save upto 90%
  • free


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Sleepbot includes smart alarm feature and is a mobile app and web application which is free and easy to track your sleep and you can also customize.

  • wakes you up at the appropriate moment
  • clever and functional

  • simple and easy to use
  • free

Sleep as Android

#4 Rank out of 8

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Waking up unpleasantly from a deep sleep makes you more tired and affects your productivity. This app tracks your sleep to the optimal moment for your wake up and is compatible with smart watches and smart lights.

  • sleep cycle tracking
  • sends notification

  • free
  • simple setup

Sleep Genius

#5 Rank out of 8

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This product is designed by experts and neuroscientists to give the user a wholesome experience of a relaxed sleep with features like sound albums, bed base modifications with nap programs with the touch of a finger.

  • track and treat sleep problems
  • personalized

  • productivity
  • uses clinically tested audio

Sleep Time

#6 Rank out of 8

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Sleep time analyzes the user's sleeping pattern and showcases a chart for your sleep on different days and provides with soundscapes instead of alarms for a more refreshed wake up.

  • sleep quality
  • free

  • ease to use
  • personalized playlist

Relax Melodies

#7 Rank out of 8

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This app is a library of more than 400+ sounds, bedtime stories, music, guided meditations and ASMRs. The users can customise the soundscapes according to their sleeping pattern and convenience.

  • cost is free
  • sleep better

  • no internet and data usage
  • uniquely designed


#8 Rank out of 8

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Pillow acts as an alarm clock which tracks your sleep cycle, records important audio events like sleep talking, snoring and sleep apnea. It helps you wake up refreshed and relaxed.

  • mood tracking
  • creating notes

  • free
  • easy to see

Find Best Sleep Tracking Apps or Sleep Tracking Device for Better Night's Sleep

Best Apps for Better Sleep

In this fast-paced life, people have forgotten to take care of themselves. They have drowned themselves in work and have got no time for self-care. Moreover, stress and tension are leading to insomnia and less concentration. No matter how much work you have, you have to take care of your skin and your health. The best remedy to all the stress and tension is sleep. It puts you in a better mood and keeps you active throughout the day. Better sleep leads to a better routine and a better you. If you are having trouble sleeping, here are the top 10 best sleeping apps that can help you.

  1. Relax Melodies: This sleep tracking apps lets you select relaxing sounds comprising nature and melody. It also has a bunch of meditation sessions to put you into a sound sleep. You can discover new sound combinations through the Relax Melodies community.
  2. Sleep Cycle: It is a free app that monitors your sleep patterns and tells you after analyzing why you are not able to sleep. It also has an intelligent alarm clock to wake you up gently.
  3. Pzizz: It lets you to set an alarm according to your sleep session and plays a combo of music, voiceovers, and other sound effects when you hit snooze. If you want more features, you can upgrade to the advanced version.
  4. Nature Sound Relax and Sleep: This app has peaceful and serene sounds of nature that help you get a sound sleep. There are sounds of water, jungle, snow, birds, and many more. They let you sleep better and also relax your mind.
  5. Pillow: Pillow is a sleep tracker for the iOS platform. It monitors your sleep patterns as soon as you fall asleep, records your activities while sleeping, and tracks your sleep stages. It then tells you the cause of your irregular sleep.
  6. White Noise Lite: White Noise offers soothing sounds like ocean waves and also lets you create your own sounds. You can also play your records on loop and set a gentle alarm to wake up.
  7. Slumber: It offers a bunch of sounds and mediation sessions to help you sleep better. From bedtime stories to the sound of a warm jacuzzi, you can choose anything along with background sounds. It adds new sounds every week on its premium version.
  8. Noisili: Noisili lets you customize the sounds and create your own. It also has an advanced timer that allows you to combine the sounds with time to help you stay focused. It has both a free and premium version.
  9. Sleepiest: It is an excellent iOS app for putting your children to sleep. It comes with a lot of bedtime stories, soothing sounds, meditative techniques, and push notifications that tell your child that it's time to sleep.
  10. Tide: Tide has a combination of tools like times, breathing exercises, pre-recorded sounds, and mediation sessions to relax your body while you are trying to sleep.

Tips that help you fall asleep quickly

  • Set the temperature: Set the right temperature when you sleep, preferably lower, as your body temperature changes when you fall asleep. You can either take a shower or set the temperature on your thermostat.
  • Make a schedule: Most people don't get better sleep because they have an irregular sleep schedule. So, make sure you make one and sleep at the same time every day. It will help you get better sleep.
  • Practice mindfulness: Doing mindful exercises like yoga or meditation can calm your mind and body and help you sleep better. It lets you focus and become stress-free that leads to sound sleep.
  • Avoid day naps: If you are taking naps during the day, you will be awake all night. So, try and avoid sleeping during the day and save it for the night. Also, don’t consume caffeine at night. The best sleep tracker apps for your smartphone can help you get a full night of rest.

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