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Looking to invest online with Betterment? Spend, save, invest, and get advice to help reach your financial dreams. Save and earn more on the money you’ll use soon.

  • five-minute setup
  • low-cost no hassle

  • betterment portfolio
  • offers two service options


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Wealthfront offers the full package of goal setting, free planning, borrowing, banking, and digital investing in an elegant, user-friendly platform.

  • no account fees
  • free financial tools

  • user-friendly
  • hands-off investors


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Vanguard is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a large selection of high-quality low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services. Helping you reach your investing goals.

  • simple to navigate
  • makes it easy

  • customize
  • view your asset and personal performance

Personal Capital

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Get access to insight-driven wealth management services and free online financial management tools. You can see your cash, investments, credit cards, and loans all in one place.

  • low fees
  • rebalancing and full transparency

  • safe to use
  • free financial tools

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

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Looking for professional guidance to help you reach your goals? Schwab Intelligent Portfolios is designed to help you to quickly invest for your goal - whatever it is.

  • diversified portfolio
  • automated rebalancing

  • tax efficiency
  • easy to use


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FutureAdvisor is a bolt-on robo-advisor that you can leverage on accounts held elsewhere. It works for 529 college savings plans, making it potentially more attractive for parents or people.

  • have access to daily loss harvesting
  • more flexibility

  • easy to use interface
  • online investment


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SigFig is a convenient way to manage a long-term portfolio, offering both advisory services to clients and a free portfolio tracker to the public. Put your money to work and your mind at ease.

  • tax loss
  • low fees

  • free financing counseling
  • free management


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Wisebanyan is an automated investment platform. Easily create an automated investment account in minutes; no previous investing experience necessary!

  • no annual fee
  • barrier to entry low

  • free to use
  • basic services are free

TD Ameritrade

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TD Ameritrade is the best online broker for online stock trading, long-term investing, and retirement planning. It offers multiple platforms aimed at different levels of expertise.

  • no minimum opening deposit
  • no minimum investment

  • commission free stock
  • high-quality trading platforms

Rebalance IRA

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Rebalance IRA is a low-cost digital investment platform that focuses on creating IRAs with lower-fees and higher returns.

  • well-balanced and personal portfolio
  • less time consuming and costly

  • low-cost digital investment
  • save money

Choose the Best Automated Investment Services Of Your Investments

Best Automated Investment Services

Awareness is the key to live like a king and who doesn’t want to be a king but in today’s era, most people are unaware of the new technologies and methods that are been used to manage and regulate their Investment. Every month money comes into your account you may spend, you may save, and maybe invest. But nowadays the incomes have become very uncertain so there is a need to ensure that to whatever extent possible, regular investments don’t suffer much. The outcome over a while will surely have a positive impact on your standard of living and make you rich. One way to ensure that regular investments are the last to suffer is by automating them. Automation means that you put a system in place so that every month your regular investments happen without a need for any manual intervention and without any hassle. The amount you wish to invest and the time to invest can all get automated. 

The automated investment advice (Robo-Advisory)

Robo advisors are like automated portfolio managers who manage your investment automatically. We can think of them as an autopilot for investors. After answering several questions about your investment goals, the Robo advisor will make future decisions about how to invest your money. Robo-advisors provide a digital way of planning finances with no or minimal human intervention. The top Robo-advisors in the market offer an easy process, goal planning, portfolio management, and security features.

Best Robo-Advisors:

So, here are some of the best Robo-advisor for your Goal Setting:-

  • Interactive Advisors: It is Best for Socially Responsible Investment and Portfolio Construction.
  • BettermentBest for Beginners with less or no knowledge of the investment process and Best for Cash Management
  • Personal CapitalBest for Portfolio Management
  • M1 FinanceIts Best for Sophisticated Investors and Best for Low Costs
  • Merrill Guided InvestingBest for Education purposes 
  • E*TRADE Core PortfoliosBest for Mobile management.

Robo-Advisors vs. Human Advisors

Financial advisors are professional advisors whose main task is to execute for their clients. Financial Advisors are also liable for checking with their clients regularly the investment goals based on the changes in the market. For all these services they charge fees which is extremely high. On the other side, Robo-advisors comparatively, charge low or no fees, Robo-advisors provide investors the resources needed to execute and control their portfolios along with the option of automating their investment. 

Some of the Pros :

  • Doesn't require investing knowledge: Robo advisors can be a great alternative for beginner investors who doesn’t have good knowledge of the market and its structure
  • Time-saving: Working professionals whose daily activities don’t allow them to invest enough time to manage their investments, so they can put their portfolio on an automatic basis.
  • Simple strategies: Robo advisors often use a simple investment strategy based on their customer's understanding and that is easy to understand.
  • Less expensive: Robo advisors offer services at a very low rate as no cost is involved on the human counterparts.

Are Robo-Advisors Safe?

Robo advisors can neither be safe nor risky as the investment managed by a Robo advisor depends upon the investor. Robo advisors provide the investors with a variety of risks to choose from High appetite risk investors can choose a risky portfolio whereas low appetite risk investors can choose no risk portfolio.

How Robo Advisors Work

As a customer, you just have to provide your basic information about your investment goals and future expectations, through their online questionnaire. These questions may vary on points like your investment time, your risk tolerance, and how much money you have in saving. Robo advisors then run those answers through an algorithm to provide an approach and build a portfolio of investments that meets your goals and keeps you in the safe zone.

Robo Advisor Fees

Robo advisor fees may be structured as a fixed monthly fee Fixed monthly fees can be as low as $1. Percentage fees range from roughly 0.15% to 0.50%. Different Robo advisor has a different structure of fee and targets different kinds of customers.

The financial takeaway

If you think that automating your investment is right or not, but is true that the Robo-advisors are the future of investment and will be widely used in managing investments.

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