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This website offers a program which is designed to bring couch loving people to ground where users can reach their goals in just 9 weeks.

  • 100% free
  • designed for beginners

  • easy to use
  • accessible

7 Minute Workout

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7 minute workout app is the no.1 fitness app with daily HIIT exercises at home with no equipment and is the fast,simple science based way to workout anywhere.

  • free to use
  • easy

  • safe,effective and very efficient
  • guarantees benefits


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This website offers different types of routines which helps the users to reduce weight and takes care of the vitals as well. It incudes wearables, apps and dashboards to analyze data.

  • check phone notifications
  • focuses on emotional and psychological

  • stays motivated
  • super easy to use


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The tracking feature and audio cues helps the users to moniter the pace and distance and keeps the users motivated along the way.

  • easy to use
  • offers number of challenges

  • simply track
  • gives mental health benefits

Nike+ Training Club

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Reach your fitness goals as NTC has various programs with 115+ class-sytle wookouts, in-depth nutrition and wellness advice from proffesional trainers and experts.

  • try free workouts
  • its free

  • stay motivated
  • reach your personal fitness goals


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This app offers various workouts depending on the daily schedules, motivation levels or lack of equipments. It can be synced with health apps on the user's phone to save workouts and burned.

  • tons of workout variety
  • customizable

  • ad-free workouts
  • free

Zombies, Run!

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Every run becomes a mission where you are a hero. Zombies, Run! is a fitness app that gives you game feels when you are running towards your fitness and away from zombies.

  • free
  • app radio station

  • walk, jog or run anywhere
  • pretty cool extra features

Charity Miles

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Charity Miles allows the users to raise money for charity while going for a morning jog or hike with friends. It helps you stay fit with a purpose for someone else too.

  • running, cycling and walking
  • also earns money for charity

  • free phone app
  • uses phones GPS to track your exercise


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Strava is a fitness tracking app which analyzes the user's training with all the stats for free. With Strava, a range of sports can be explored, tracked and deeply analyzed with extensive performance matrics.

  • social network for athletes
  • record an activity

  • free app
  • extra features added


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Fitocracy is your own personal trainer that takes assessment in order to create a personalized fitness and nutrition plan for you.

  • easy entering and tracking
  • user friendly

  • create workout routines
  • collective and enjoy

How to Choose the Best Fitness Apps or Best Home Workout Apps

Best Fitness and Workout Apps

Staying fit with a great body is a mantra of happy life these days. Due to our busy schedules we can’t give much time to our fitness and body and sometimes it is not feasible for us to go out and use the gyms and fitness centers, but don’t worry that won’t make any difference in your fitness and health regime as there are some really amazing best fitness apps specially designed for your workouts and for you to stay healthy. You can easily lose weight or build up muscles by simply downloading these apps and following the fitness instructions. If you are confused about which app to choose, here we have shortlisted top 10 best fitness and workout apps for you through our research. So, if you are proceeding towards a happy fitness routine, don’t forget to check out these apps and enjoy home workouts and home fitness sessions.

  1. My Fitness Pal: this app integrates you with more than 50 apps and offers more than 350 cardio and strength workouts and besides all this it also log your exercise stat, record your calories so that you don’t take more than required and motivates you towards your personal health goals.
  2. Fitocracy: this app is a one stop shop where you will get all type of motivation for your workouts, customized plans, personal coaching and full supports from your community.
  3. Zones for Training: this app is most compatible with the people having apple watch, as it helps in tracking down the heart rate and tells you about your weight loss and when your body is burning your fat, it is more for the people who are already experienced in workouts.
  4. The 7-minute workout: this one is best for the frequent travellers and the one with busy schedules, with some really easy and short workouts this app is also suitable for beginners.
  5. Sworkit: this is one of the top best fitness app as you can select your goal from various categories and you just need to mention your time and it will automatically create a best workout schedule and will customize it according to you. It is really nice for the beginners.
  6. FitBit: with a number of amazing workout options and sessions, you can do many workouts through this app and can keep a close eye on your workout regime and the calories you burn, this app lets you do your workout anywhere and is one of the bets fitness apps.
  7. Charity Miles: this app donates money to many non-profit organizations with your every activity which you have logged in such as running, walking, cycling and much more. So, if you will walk one kilometre you will earn few cents for these organizations.
  8. Nike+ Training Club: with some really cool and fun videos with trainers, you can get customized workout plans according to the details provided by you and can get some super amazing workout tips, nutrition tips and wellness tips.
  9. JeFit: this one lets you integrate your sessions and weight training workouts with your friend and also counts your breaks and hence customize fitness plans and programs for you. It also helps you in staying motivated towards achieving your fitness goals.
  10. Map My Fitness: this app lets you track your every activity and then count your calories accordingly whether you are doing a household chore or just walking and talking you just need to launch the app and it will track your activity and is really good for the beginners.

How to choose best fitness and workout app?

Different apps have different strengths, so choose your app wisely, here we have categorized apps for your convenience:

  • For losing weight: if you are looking for an app for losing your weight then check out Fitocracy for some amazing personal and customized workout plans and routine.
  • For weightlifting: if you are into strength training and weightlifting then just go for JEFIT & Zones for Training. These apps have some amazing strength workouts which are best for you.
  • For beginners: if you are new to the game and are a beginner then the best apps for you with easy workouts and training sessions are Sworkit & Nike+ Training Club.
  • For quick workouts: if you have a really busy schedule and you are looking out for the apps with some quick and short workouts then you should definitely check out The 7 Minutes Workout app to stay fit.
  • For tracking your progress: you can easily track your progress and keep a check on your calories count and workout regime with the apps like FitBit & Map my fitness.
  • For overall progress: for everything from calorie check to customized plans to workout check, My Fitness Pal is an app for overall progress.

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