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Easy Jet

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Easy jet is a british multinational low cost airlines group which is headquartered in london luton airport. it operates domestic and international scheduled services in more than 30 countries with the most affordable airlines.

  • Baggage Price: $13-$55

  • cheaper

  • Available for :135 destinations

  • affordable fares


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Jetblue is a major american low cost airlines and the seventh-largest airlines in north america which offers flights to 90+ destinations with free entertainment, low-cost tariffs and unmatched facilities.

  • Baggage Price:$35-$150

  • focus on customer service

  • Available for: 98 destinations

  • high quality travel


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Southwest airlines is a major american airlines headquartered in dallas,texas. The airlines has scheduled service to 103 destinations in united states. They give the policy of no change fees and keeping fares low.

  • Baggage Price: 2 bags free

  • low fares

  • Available for: 107 destinations

  • cheaper airports


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Norwegian is a low -cost airlines and norway's largest airline. You can fly to more tham 150 destinations worldwide by making them affordable to everyone with maintaining high standards.

  • Baggage Price: $53-$185
  • free gate to gate wifi technology

  • Available for: 101 destinations

  • cheap flights worldwide


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West jet is a canadian airline and is the low-cost alternative to the country's competing major airlines. It offers affordable, flexible vacations to more than 60 destinations and also offer discount codes and seat sales.

  • Baggage Price: $30

  • fly anwhere at low cost

  • Available for: 100+destinations

  • good culture

Alaska Airlines

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Alaska airlines is an american low-cost airlines headquartered in washington. They provide you with the low fare calender to find the best deals for travels if your travel schedule is flexible. There main focus remains on improving customer comfort.

  • Baggage Price: $23
  • employee discount

  • Available for: 32 destinations
  • cheaper


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JetStar is an australian low-cost airlines headquartered in melbourne. Cheap tickets to destination of your choice are available with great deals and discounts. Each week JetStar sends more than 5000 flights to over 85 places.

  • Baggage Price: $32-$160

  • complimentary comfort kit

  • Available for: 34 destinations

  • low labour cost


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RyanAir is an Irish low-cost airline headquartered in Dublin. With RyanAir you get easy,fast and reliable air tickets ,from prioritize boarding to additional checked bag allowance to fast track facilities they provide all to the best for customers.

  • Baggage Price: $35-$55

  • low cost

  • Available for: 225 destinations

  • cheap air transportation


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IcelandAir offers flights to Iceland and Europe from USA. With low cost fares they also provide customers with on boarding services which includes seat back entertainment,Wi-Fi internet access, in-flight duty free and much more.

  • Baggage Price: $50-$106

  • amenities for free

  • Available for: 34 destinations

  • services at affordable price


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AirAsia is a malaysian low cost airlines headquartered near kuala lampur. AirAsia is an all-in-one travel platform where you can not only plan your holiday but also get discounts and cheaper tickets.

  • Baggage Price: varies by weight

  • loyalty programmes

  • Available for: 165 destinations

  • top customer service

How to Choose the Best Low Budget Airlines

Top Best Low-Cost Airlines

There was a time when travelling by air and flights was considered to be affair of luxury and the people with high living standards were the only one who could afford such luxuries, but now with the easy availability of the low cost and cheap airlines people with decent standards can easily afford travelling by air and can save a lot of their travel time. If you are looking to book your flights for the next trip but you also want to save some extra bucks then the best option for you is the low cost airlines and if you want to know which low cost airlines offers the best services and are the best one so check out top 10 low cost airlines here in the list created by us with the help of some research and reviews:

  1. AirAsia: named as the cheapest airline for 11th year straight, Air Asia was founded in 1993 and is based in Malaysia and offers really cheap prices without any delays.
  2. EasyJet: this one was founded back in 1995 and is based in Britain and offers the low-cost flights along with great services and convenient transfers.
  3. WestJet: offering great services at low cost and also no inconvenience this one was founded back in 1996 and is based in Canada.
  4. Scoot: just as their slogan goes “escape the ordinary”, this one lets you experience whole different world and was founded in 2011 in Singapore.
  5. JetStar: connecting you to world at low prices Jetstar was founded back in 2014 and is based in Ireland.
  6. IndiGo: with a well-trained staff and number of flights this one was founded back in 2005 and is based in India.
  7. Southwest: with really transparent and low cost fares this one was founded back in 1967 and is based in US.
  8. Icelandair: covering 34 major destinations this one was founded back in 1937 and is based in Ireland.
  9. Norwegian: with flights across some beautiful destinations it was founded in 1993 in Norway.
  10. Ryanair: founded in 1984 in Ireland this one fits almost everyone’s budget and you can cover a lot of beautiful destinations through it.

How can you Choose a Best Low-Cost Airlines?

If you really want to make your trip low cost and economical then you have to be careful with some essential points and then only you can end up saving money and cut down on some extra costs. There are number of points to be taken into consideration. So, check these points out:

  • Stay flexible with dates: you need to stay flexible with your dates if you want to book low cost flights because the flights can be expensive for certain days and the cheap for the other so if you are flexible with the dates and can change them then you can end up getting the cheap bookings done.
  • Stay flexible with routes: if you are not a person with fuss and you are ready to take the different routes just to cut down your costs then these airlines can give you endless benefits. You need to be flexible with all your routes and directions so that you can book the flights with minimum price.
  • Baggage policy: choosing a low cost airline can come with many services being denied as these low cost airlines cut down the extra services and hence cut down the fare for the people, so you should always check out baggage policy of these airlines before proceeding with your bookings and then accordingly book the flights.
  • Service costs: also these airlines are low cost so they charge additional service costs so before booking your flights don’t forget to check out the service costs at what charges they are providing the services and what mandatory services you want and then calculate accordingly and book the flights.
  • Hidden fees: there are number of hidden fees involved while booking flights so don’t forget to compare and check the hidden fees and before making the final bookings go through all the costs and the charges you are paying for your flights. Hidden costs often show up when you are on the last stage of payment.
  • Search using filters: search your flights using the filters and apply the filters of all sort that you are looking for in your flights and then check the prices and compare them and select the one with the lowest price.
  • Check the reviews: don’t forget to check out the reviews of the airlines and their services as existing customer reviews can be helpful in identifying the level of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction so select your airlines after doing your bit of research with the customer reviews and the ratings.
  • Grab the deals: select the airlines of your choice after viewing the offers and the deals and select the one offering the maximum discount. Grab the available coupons and deals and use them for booking your flights. Deals can make the price of your flights go really low.

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