Best Bill Negotiation Services that Help Lower Your Bills


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Truebill is the most convenient and big picture personal finance tracker, budget planner and bill reminder app. It offers a variety of tools to help users take control of their finances.

  • catches service outages
  • monitors subscription renewals

  • no fee for basic service
  • save money


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BillFixers is a bill negotiation service that helps consumers lower their monthly expenses on utilities and other bills.  Save up to 35% on your bills each year while keeping your services the exact same.

  • no upfront payment
  • increased savings

  • business bills negotiation
  • cost-efficient service


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BillCutterz is a bill negotiation service focused mainly on cable and cell phone bills. The average customer saves 30 percent or more on their bills.

  • save money 
  • negotiating lower rates

  • keep track of expiring offers
  • advantage of promotion and discounts

Bill Shark

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Billshark is a service which attempts to negotiate recurring bills on your behalf. It enables consumers and businesses to reduce monthly bills quickly and easily.

  • 85% success rate
  • negotiates subscription-based bills

  • history of saving customers
  • rewards program


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Copatient provides a comprehensive solution for managing and minimizing healthcare expenses. It works to resolve billing errors and ensures that provider payments are appropriate.

  • bills are fare and free of errors
  • health care cost reduction services

  • gather and receive all necessary documentation
  • useful saving calculators


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Trim is a free service that helps you save money by cutting unused subscriptions & earning cash back. A personal assistant that saves you money.

  • easy to use interface
  • save money

  • free subscription cancellation
  • free to sign up

Medical Cost Advocate

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Medical Cost Advocate provides health care cost reduction solutions to benefit consumer and employee payers.  Its services enable clients to save time, reduce cost and better navigate the health care system.

  • save time
  • reduce cost

  • better navigate the health care system
  • lowering costs

Choose the Best Bill Negotiation Service for Better Deal on Bills

Best Bill Negotiation Services

It pinches a lot when you come to know that you have paid much more than the actual worth of the particular article or service!! Have you ever wondered that you are paying bills for the subscription of plans which you have never ever used? Yes, this is true, it happens with everyone as you are so busy in your daily hectic routine that you have no time and patience to keep an eye on your bills. Don’t be upset as we have a remedy to your problem and i.e., the bills negotiating services. A Bill negotiation services acts as an intermediary between you and the providers and in turn, helps you in lowering the monthly utility bills; phone, cable, and internet fees; subscriptions; and other ongoing bills by identifying, analyzing, and acting upon the discrepancies.

Everyone wants to save money in this inflationary economy so we also want that you should some extra bugs in your pocket for which we are mentioning the top Bill Negotiation Services

Bill Cutterz

 It was launched in 2009 by a former mortgage banker, Mindy Niles. It specializes in negotiating and reducing monthly bills for things like utilities, alarm and security systems, and electricity. Bill cutterz directly speaks to the service providers and thereby negotiate for lower prices; if they can lower your bills then they will charge 50% of your savings next year.

Bill Fixers

By Using Bill Fixers, you can lower down your monthly bills for cell phone service, TV and radio, security and alarm services, and monthly subscriptions, like newspapers. BillFixers as a company can’t negotiate past-due bills but can help with any disputes that rises or over-charge on past invoices. It claims to lower around 95% of the bills it handles.

True bill

Truebill was launched in 2015 as an app-based service to help you to find out the old subscriptions taken which are no longer being used by you or which you have forgotten to cancel. The company has since expanded to help you to save on bills like cable, phone, internet, TV, and radio, and cell phone service. Truebill also manages, which is a bill pay and subscription monitoring service that can help customers save even more money.


Billshark claims a 90% success rate in lowering the bills it takes 40% of your savings as payment, and, if they can’t save you money on your bills, they don’t charge anything. The company also charges money on canceled subscriptions, which, essentially, could represent just one month of savings on something.

Bill Advisor 

If you are willing to take a chance on your savings then BillAdvisor is the best service as it provides more services than its competitors, making it good for people with multiple homes or cars. It offers a silver package where 50 % of your savings are chargeable and also a gold package with a monthly charge of $12.99, the membership fee would be refunded if it helps you to save money.


It is an automated service that keeps a track of your spending’s thereby provides you with new deals and updates. If anytime you find out that there are errors I the service or you are no more interested in some subscriptions, then the trims team will reach out to the service provider on behalf of you and will take the necessary actions.


Copatient helps you to find out a better solution for unpaid medical bills. This is a unique bill negotiating simply just scans your medical bills and helps you understand that for what you are been charged and negotiates on your behalf to lower the bills.

What Bills Can Be Negotiated?

Bill negotiation services can negotiate phone, cable, and internet bundles or any of these services separately, as well as cell phone bills, home security, and alarm systems, radio, and, in some states, electric or energy bills. Many of the bill negotiation services also provide subscription management to help you find and cancel unused subscriptions, saving you even more money.

What Do Bill Negotiation Services Cost?

Bills negotiation services usually collect 40% to 50% of your total savings which is generally paid monthly. No matter how many bills you got to negotiate, the cost percentage remains constant in all cases. If they don’t find any savings for you, there’s no charge.

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