Best Broadband Plan Providers or Internet Service Providers

Virgin Media

#1 Rank out of 9

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Virgin Media is an award winning broadband that offers free engineer visits for any repairs or replacements. They offer broadband plans for TV, phone, mobile and much more.

  • Price from: £28 per month
  • good value

  • Average Speed: 53-55mbps
  • flexible working


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Plusnet offers features like flexible contracts, UK-based support, different plans for personal and business use and switching made easy.

  • Price from: £23.99 per month 
  • flexible

  • Average Speed: 36mbps
  • fast, cheap& reliable


#3 Rank out of 9

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Sky offers the users to compare different broadband plans to choose the best according to them. They also offer guaranteed speed, guaranteed WIFI and easy switching.

  • Price from: £27 per month
  • good product with plenty features

  • Average speed: 11mbps
  • affordable


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No mid-contract broadband price increase, unlimited broadband, addition and removal of extra on a monthly basis, security & parental control are some of the features that TalkTalk offers.

  • Price from: £22per month
  • most affordable

  • Average speed:38mbps
  • unlimited


#5 Rank out of 9

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BT broadband is the besy buy smart hub which provides reliable guaranteed wi-fi, standard security features, speed upto 900Mb, no limit on downloads and no extra usage charges.

  • Price from : £26.99 per month

  • Customizable packages

  • Average speed: 10mbps
  • consistent speed


#6 Rank out of 9

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EE broadband is a digital network that offers home broadband, 4GEE home, landline, routers and provides the best network and best services for the users.

  • Price from: £21.50 per month
  • Free smart hub router

  • Average speed: 10mbps

  • easy to switch


#7 Rank out of 9

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Vodafone offers wireless broadband, rural broadband, Wi-Fi equipment from which the users can stream and play on multiple devices , get superior range and coverage with beamforming, easy plug and play setup.

  • Price from: $59 per month

  • no upfront cost

  • Average speed: 35mbps
  • great value for money

Post Office

#8 Rank out of 9

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Post Office is a digital network that offers no increase in mid-contract broadband prices, dedicated UK team, free calls to any post office home phone numbers, easy set up and plug in and much more.

  • Price from: £30 per month
  • very competitively priced

  • Average speed: 11mbps

  • free caller display


#9 Rank out of 9

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SSE offers unlimited Fibre and Fibre plus plans. They offer features such as no exit fee, free wireless router, unlimited downloads and zero price hikes during 18 month contracts.

  • Price from: £13.38 per month
  • Cheap,fast and reliable

  • Average speed: 11mbps
  • no exit fee

How to Choose the Best Internet Service or Broadband Providers

Looking for Best Broadband Plans

India is the second largest market for mobile and tech accessories in the world, but when it comes to broadband it is 10th largest having 1.33 subscribers on every 100 people making it stand low at world rating. With the current pandemic situation and physical shut down of offices and work places, a lot of people have to work from home and manage their business or job online which needs a perfect and reliable internet connection to establish a safe, secure and really quick connection to make you work effective enough. Not only with the work, but the internet can also be used as a source of entertainment for downloading your favourite movie at less time, binge watching your favourite series, shopping and much more. Keeping in mind the current situation, students & teachers are also suffering, and they also need the best connection in order to attend their online classes and be active on learning platforms online. In order to have a really quick connection you need to have a really speedy and efficient broadband, so with the help of expert data and a bit of research, here we have a list of top 10 broadband plan providers to make your connection really convenient, hassle free and super quick.

Gigatel Unlimited Broadband Plans

Having a variety of plans from Rs.599 to Rs.999 before tax, their plans range from 20 Mbps to 1000 Mbps and the best part is it offers unlimited and really high speed internet without any FUP, so enjoy high speed data without worrying about your usage and select the best plan according to your requirement.

Airtel Unlimited Broadband Plans

A big player of best broadband services, Airtel is one of the most used and most liked broadband services. Offering a wide range of plans with a speed ranging between 40 Mbps to 1 Gbps, it offers it services in numerous cities and makes it really convenient for the users to get strong connectivity. Also, with its genuine subscription plans, it also provides free access to Prime and Zee5 making it the best choice for customers. The plans start from Rs.399 to Rs.3999 before taxes and you will also get data rollover service in its higher priced plans and also has and FUP policy. So, select your plan by having a look at their website and enjoy high-speed internet on your devices.

YOU Unlimited Broadband Plans by Vodafone

A subsidiary of Vodafone Idea, YOU offer a number of some amazing best broadband plans and also offers a high-speed internet and let you work really smoothly. Choose You for mind blowing offers and deals, its plans range from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps, but it has limited its speed to 60 Mbps for unlimited data users, it also uses FUP and after the data for the day is consumed by you totally, the speed of your internet will come down to 5 Mbps. Also, you can choose your plan according to your choice and requirement and there will be no lock in contract making it really flexible for you to choose your plan. Operating in number of cities it has its individual space in top ten broadband plans.

Hathway Unlimited Broadband Plans

One of the largest broadband services, Hathway also comes in top broadband services and has no FUP in certain plans making you carefree about your usage and allowing the customers to make a great use of their plans. But with plans with FUP, after consuming the full data, the speed comes down to 5Mbps. Also the plans are quarterly so that you can select your plan for three months in a single go and the best part about Hathway is you can select your plan according to your place and can change it when and where needed. So, enjoy high speed internet and great service by selecting Hathway.

Jio Fiber Unlimited Broadband Plans

Justifying the statement one service for everything, Jio Fiber is launched in 2020 and has revolutionised the home internet industry majorly. With a great speed and some really amazing plans it offers a high-speed internet and the best services to its customers. Offering three type of plans i.e. speed based plans, special plans and volume-based plans, it provides a unique experience to its customers and enable them to choose the plan according to their requirement and make most of it.

ACT Unlimited Broadband Plan Providers

Providing the best wired experience to its customers, ACT offers best plan for you with speed ranging from 40 Mbps to 100 Mbps and have 200 GB FUP limit and after consuming the total data the speed comes down to 4 Mbps and also if you choose half yearly plans, they offer free two month service and also offers free Wi-Fi router with no installation charges.

MTNL Unlimited Broadband Plan

MTNL offers speed from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps and also has a FUP limit, where after consuming your data, the speed of internet comes down to 1 Mbps, MTNL also offers free calls with its offers and provides high speed data with decent connectivity.

BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plan

Providing some really exciting combo plans BSNL offers free unlimited data plans, with the speed ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps according to your choice and also has a FUP limit. The plans also come with free unlimited local and STD BSNL calls for its users and offers many different plans to ensure best connectivity and high-speed data.

Excitel Unlimited Broadband Plan

You can get some of the best and most competitive packages here with a speed ranging from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps and as the name you can also stay excited as there is no FUP limit and you can enjoy a really high speed internet without caring about usage much. All the plans offered at Excitel are unlimited.

Spectra Unlimited Best Fiber Broadband Plans

Get the best and world class plans at Spectra. It offers speed as high as 1 Gbps and also you can stream your favourite videos on 4K and still won’t get out of data as it offers big plans at low prices and it also offers data rollover policy and if you choose an yearly subscription, you will be entitled to unlimited data with no FUP limit.

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