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zipcar is an American car-sharing company which provides automobile reservations to its members billable by minute, hour or day in cities and campuses around the globe.

  • no membership
  • cleaner cars

  • customer friendly
  • disruptive business model


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Car2go provides carsharing services in urban areas in Europe. You can grab a car anywhere from the street and leave it anywhere in the home area or in your own city.

  • no membership fees
  • no parking fees

  • grab&go
  • gas and insurance included


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Getaround is an online peer-to-peer car sharing service. Instantly you can rent and unlock great cars nearby from your home.getaround gives the option of all the car,trucks and vans and no membership is required.

  • low hourly rates
  • reliable

  • affordable
  • 24/7 customer service


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Turo is an American peer-to-peer car sharing company which allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles via an online and mobile interface. you can book any car you want with turo.

  • cheap in price
  • discounts to new members

  • transparency
  • honesty


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Enterprise is the largest transportation solution provider which offer car and truck rentals as well as car sales and sharing. They have an availability with over 8000 locations worldwide.

  • flexibility
  • customized plans

  • rent 24*7
  • self-service


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Flight car is the first company to establish a marketplace which  allows vehicle owners parking at the airport so as to rent out their cars to other travelers. It’s a similar peer-to-peer car sharing successfully exists at local level.

  • perfect for travel bugs
  • minimizes traffic pollution

  • affordable
  • convenient


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JustShareIt is a peer-to-peer car rental and car sharing allows an individual to rent vehicles directly from individual car owners or car sharing companies in local neighbourhood locations.

  • availability
  • affordable

  • simply hop in and drive
  • low mileage cost


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Croove is a peer to peer car rental marketplace where travellers can rent any car they want, whenever they want to rent cars, from a community of private car owners throughout Germany.

  • convenient
  • fast

  • membership benefits
  • smooth

Find the Best Car Sharing Services or Apps Online

Best Car-Sharing Services

Want to get connected from one place to another but not able to identify the best and quickest transportation mode, why stress about it when you can select the best car-sharing services and can share your ride with a person whose destination is the same as yours. Car sharing saves a lot of energy, money and helps in the most effective and efficient utilization of the resources and even if you don’t own a car your travel will be hassle-free with the rented cars. Also, you will be given a number of choices from which you can select the most appropriate options for yourself. So, make the best use while traveling to out of the station and not only that but you can also travel within your city in the rented or shared cars and can enjoy a lot of perks. All you need to do is:

  • Download the app: Get the app of the site where you want to make your reservation and manage your bookings and make your selection there.
  • Select your car: You will be given an option of selecting your car whether you want to choose a sedan or hatchback or SUV, it will be completed on you.
  • Select the method of payment: Also, you can select the payment mode and can also choose whether you will pay according to miles or the days for which you are using the car.

To make you choose the best we have created a list of top 10 best car-sharing websites to ensure a convenient car-sharing experience for you

  1. Car2go: with more than 14000 cars in 18 cities, it is one of the largest cars sharing services in the world. Special Features- Luxury cars, free parking costs.
  2. ReachNow: with a fleet of 1000 vehicles, it is a BMW owned car-sharing service that was launched in 2016. Special Features- Car Insurance & Fuel saving.
  3. Sixt: Sict offers its services across 105 countries in more than 2100 locations. Special Features- Affordable, Customer Friendly app.
  4. DriveNow: Spread across 31 cities in 14 countries it has a fleet of 20000 vehicles. Special Features- BMW on rent, mini, Car Radar.
  5. Flight Car: Currently operating in 17 airport locations, it offers unique cars from local owners. Special Features- easy car rentals, airport drops, free car wash.
  6. Enterprise: With more than 9000 locations it serves 419 airport locations. Special Features- Fuel save, fuel readings, insurance, airport drop.
  7. Turo: offering peer to peer sharing it offers cheap car rentals. Special Features- Turo Go technology, Car fuel & odometer reading.
  8. Zipcar: With its fleet around 170 cities, it is one of the best car rental websites. Special Features- Car Insurance, Fuel.
  9. Croove: Fast, smooth and efficient, this is a customer-friendly website. Special Features- Affordable Prices, regular deals,
  10. JustShareIt: it is a peer-to-peer car renting service with many local owners connected to it. Special Features- Fuel Efficient, Time Limit, Extendable trips.

Why car sharing?

Car sharing comes with a number of advantages. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Reduced Traffic: with car-sharing, there will be less congestion on roads and more space for traffic to move quickly and there will be fewer cars on roads which is the biggest advantage for the environment.
  • Save Fuel: with really less fuel left on this earth by sharing your car you can save a lot of fuel, which means more fuel for the next generations.
  • Reduced Parking Fee: by sharing car, you also mean sharing fuel sharing repair and also sharing your parking fee which ensures efficient utilization of all the resources and they don’t go wastes.
  • More Parking Spaces: Car sharing also ensures more parking space for the people as there will be fewer cars on the roads.
  • Less Pollution: with fewer cars on the road, there will be fewer carbon emissions which means less pollution.

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