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With t-mobile you can explore unlimited plans and deals on the latest cell phones and smart phones and 24*7 customer facility is available. T-mobile customers benefit from its unmatched combination of value and quality.

  • solid coverage
  • all-in-pricing

  • excellent unlimited plans
  • good international perks


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Verizon is an american telecommunications company which offers customers in 57 cities ultra-fast wireless speeds and offers wireless products and services. They make products and services that are safe,sustainable.

  • enjoy paying wireless way
  • score instant savings

  • discounts
  • best nation wide coverage


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Sprint was an american telecommunication company and was the fourth largest mobile network operator in the united states. The company offers wireless voice, messaging and broadband services.

  • cheap plans
  • excellent unlimited plans

  • high data
  • free hulu


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MetroPCS is an american prepaid wireless service provider and brand owned by t-mobile. you can explore affordable ,no contact , prepaid phones. Metro is currently offering a selection of 31 smartphones and four data plans.

  • superfast 5G coverage
  • cheap

  • customer satisfaction
  • data unlimited


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Cricket wireless is an american multinational smart phone compaany which provides wireless services to the subscribers of united states. You can get a good amount of deals on phones from brands like samsung, apple etc.

  • overall service good
  • low cost

  • reliable
  • excellent coverage


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AT&T is an american telecommunications company and is the largest wireless carrier in united states. With AT&T you get the best deals for everyone and its a faster with express shipping and returns.

  • reliable coverage
  • decent data speed

  • good selection of plans
  • stores everywhere

Boost Mobile

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Boost mobile is a wireless telecommunication brand used by two independent companies. Look for the newest prepaid , no contact phones and find the affordable prepaid mobile phones that makes boost mobile stand out from others.

  • unlimited cell phone plans
  • clear phone connections

  • unlimited music streaming
  • affordable

Republic Wireless

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Republic Wireless is an mobile virtual network operator that sells low cost mobile phone service. There innovative approach to cell phone service and low monthly cost are great for value-seekers and save for the more important things in life. 

  • friendly customer service
  • data refunds

  • no contracts or hidden fees
  • wifi calling

Project Fi

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Project Fi is a MVNO telecommunications service by google which provides telephone calls,SMS and mobile broadband using cellular networks and wifi.Stay connected wherever you are with super fast coverage and full speed.

  • no data overages
  • flexibility to pay

  • affordable
  • unlimited plans

Pure TalkUSA

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Pure Talk USA is an american mobile virtual network operator. It offers nationwide no contact low cost prepaid cellphone service with no hidden fees and offers 6 plans in U.S with free 2 day shipping on all orders.

  • no contracts or overage fees
  • customer service

  • free 2-day shipping
  • cheap wireless plans

Choose the Perfect Cell Phone Carriers - Find & Compare the Best Cell Phone Plans

Best Cell Phone Companies

There was a time when there were really limited telecom and cell phone companies and the cell phones were considered as a great luxury, but with advancement and growth in technology there are many changes and now there are number of cell phone companies available in the market that are competing against each other. If you are willing to buy a cell phone and you want to know which the best cell phone company or best cell phone services is, here we have created a list of top 10 best cell phone companies for you which you should check out before selecting your cell phone:

  1. Samsung: with the latest features and highly efficient smartphones this is one of the most trusted brands and offers the technology which is really easy to use.
  2. Apple: this was the first company to launch the smartphone in the world and they have their own operating system known as IOS and also offers exceptionally amazing features.
  3. Huawei: this Chinese company is one of the leading cell phone companies and offers some of the best mobile devices to Electronic companies in the world.
  4. Mobicel: this company is best known for its economical, budget cell phones with great and latest features and specifications.
  5. Oppo: this one is known for its cheap smartphones with some of the amazing features and is one of the leading manufacturers of the cell phones.
  6. Vivo: with the latest software, cell phone and their accessories available at low prices, this is one of the best brands to use.
  7. LG: this is one of the leading companies of Korea and offers cell phones with extensive range of features.
  8. Xiaomi: offering the cell phones with the high-end features this can easily fit in your budget and has a vast range of cell phones.
  9. Nokia: with solid and great cell phones this company once ruled the cell phone market.
  10. Lenovo: with the latest features and functions this offers a great range of smartphones.

How to choose your cell phone?

There are certain things which are to be kept in mind while purchasing a cell phone for yourself. Here we have mentioned a list of things which are to be considered and to be taken care of while choosing a cell phone. So, if you are willing to buy a cell phone do check out the list and proceed with appropriate choice.

  • Know the features: know all the features the phone is offering you. Create a list of features you need in your phone and then match the list with the features available and check whether the phone is ready to meet all your requirements or not.
  • Cost: also check the amount you are willing to spend on your phone and also know whether you are getting the required features in the cost you are willing to spend on your cell phone and see whether the phone is fitting in your budget or not.
  • Customer reviews: also keep in mind all the customer reviews and check out the videos with the cell phone and the brands review and then go ahead with your purchase. The review lets you know about the functionality and whether the cell phone has the features it claims it have or not, which will help you choosing one for yourself smartly.
  • Operating system: operating system is one of the essential things you need to keep in mind if you are going to buy a cell phone. There are two type of operating system one is android and the other one is apple, and both have their different advantages and disadvantages so go through them both at least once before making a move.
  • User Interface: before buying the device don’t forget to check out the user interface offered by the company as every company has its own different interface and different optimization goals, so do check out the user interface and try using one before getting your own device.
  • Battery life: battery life is one of the most important function of the smartphone which is to be considered. So before making a buy be smart and check out the battery life of the device and also take the feedback from the existing users as they know best about the battery of the phone and then if you think the product is worth buying then go for it.
  • Camera quality: camera quality is yet another feature of the cell phones which are to be considered and also whether the camera quality makes the device worth buying or not. So, check the camera quality as some companies offers amazing camera quality while others focus less on camera and more on the other features so know your priority and then buy your device.
  • Performance: last but not the least, the overall performance of the cell phone is really important and a matter of concern so know about it first and then make a move second. The performance should be free of glitches and complications.

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