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Light Phone

#1 Rank out of 8

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The Light Phone 2 is built around a customizable toolbox, 4G LTE phone with a beautiful black & white matte E-ink display.

  • Compatible designs
  • Plans and offers

  • Optional sim plans
  • Support and service

Doro PhoneEasy

#2 Rank out of 8

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Doro (7030,8050) a series of excellent smartphones for seniors with easy-to-use interfaces, simple software, helpful Emergency Alert button.

  • Levering technology
  • Store locater

  • Easy use services
  • 24/7 support

Snapfon EZ One and EZ Two

#3 Rank out of 8

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Snapfon cell phone for seniors is easy to use, 4G LTE, VoLTE, Wifi Calling, GPS, and Bluetooth technology.

  • Value and simplicity
  • Ease-of-use

  • Starting at $13/ mo
  • Affordable services

Samsung Galaxy Note

#4 Rank out of 8

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Available On:

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best phones for a senior citizen to see text and images.

  • Smart appliances
  • Easy to use

  • Get up to date
  • Latest technology

Jitterbug Smart 2

#5 Rank out of 8

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Available On:

Jitterbug Smart2 is designed for seniors with a large screen, improved simplified menu, GreatCall network with exclusive health and safety Apps.

  • Large screen
  • Simple organisers

  • Health services
  • Safety measures

iPhone 6

#6 Rank out of 8

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Available On:

The iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones for seniors because it is easy to use, large screen size, long battery life.

  • oleophobic coating
  • language support

  • cloud storage
  • starts at $199

Motorola Moto G7

#7 Rank out of 8

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Available On:

Moto G7 series is the best android smartphone for senior citizens that boasts a large screen and full resolution.

  • Sensor operating
  • In-built Alexa

  • Turbo power charging
  • starts at $137.49

Nokia 105

#8 Rank out of 8

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Available On:

The Nokia 105 Dual SIM terminal is a low-cost terminal and relatively simple to use, with long-lasting battery life.

  • Best in design
  • best in storage

  • long lasting battery
  • buy it at $15 only

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Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

The craze of a smartphone is increasing day by day. But not everyone can get to the technology and advanced features of a smartphone. Take senior citizens, for example. The only thing they want to do with the phone is to get connected with their loved ones. They do not wish to have any striking feature or a camera phone with 'n' megapixel camera. So, it can be hard to decide which cell phone to get for a senior citizen that caters to their comfort with technology. Thankfully there is a wide range of phones in the market, even for tech-savvy seniors. Below provides a compilation of the top 10 cell phones for senior citizens.

  1. Jitterbug Flip: It has a 3.2-inch bright display that shows necessary information like incoming call notifications, and date and time. The menu is simple and easy to set up. It also has a one-button touch for emergencies. This device is perfect for seniors who are not looking for anything fancy.
  2. Jitterbug Smart 2: It offers a bright and clear 5.5-inch display and a simple menu with easy to use features. It also comes with urgent care that is helpful to connect with nurses and doctors. You don’t have to change your existing number to use this phone.
  3. Blue Joy Cell Phone: It is an unlocked dual SIM senior phone that comes with a 2.4-inch display and built-in SOS button. It has plenty of features like a camera, media player, FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Alcatel Big Easy Flip: It has a large display on the front that allows you to see the time without opening the phone. It comes with an MP3 player and Bluetooth connectivity. The best part is the battery life that lasts up to 11 days.
  5. Apple iPhone SE: It is the perfect smartphone for Apple lovers that comes with a large retina HD touch screen and high-quality cameras. It offers 4K quality video support, FaceTime, 256 GB storage, water resistance, touch ID, and hearing aid compatibility.
  6. Jethro SC318: This phone combines as both a cell phone and a home phone. It has a convenient charging port and lithium-ion batteries for extended battery life. It comes with an SOS button on the back, which is excellent for seniors.
  7. Snapfon ezTW03G: It is the latest smartphone with large buttons and comfortable with large buttons, and hearing aid compatibility. Other features include an alarming SOS button, lockable keypad, led flashlight, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  8. Nokia 3310 TA-1036: It has an easy to navigate interface and reliable communication on both 2G and 3G networks. It is a simple bar phone perfect for old school seniors.
  9. Consumer Cellular GrandPad: It is a 4G tablet with all the futures to keep seniors connected. It can make calls, send texts, video chat, big photos, play games, and access mobile apps.
  10. BLU Advance A4: It is a budget smartphone with 8GB Internal storage, games, camera, and, games. It has a 4-inch display, and it is easy to set up.

Features to look for in a top cell phone for seniors

  • Easy to use: For seniors who want something simple, there are many cell phones available that are easy to use.
  • Camera: If a camera is your priority, look for a phone with a good quality camera.
  • Emergency call: Cell phones for seniors should have an easy handling SOS calling feature so that they can quickly contact anyone in case of emergency.
  • Battery: If you want to use your phone a lot, make sure that it offers a long battery life so that you don’t have to charge it frequently.
  • Cost: Look for a cell phone that provides all the features you want in your budget.

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