Best DIY Home Improvement Apps and Remodeling Apps

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

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We provide the best experience for home renovation and design, connecting homeowners and home professionals with the best tools, resources and vendors.

  • Home renovation
  • Suggested professionals              

  • Houzz support
  • expert advice

iHandy Carpenter

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The lightest, prettiest and most handy carpenter tool kit in the world, right on your iPhone! Get 5 professional tools in ONE app at only half the price of buying each!

  • iOS app
  • tool kit

  • professional team
  • customer support


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Homestyler has the scope of providing efficient online 3D interior design tools and providing solutions to digital transformation for the furniture and real estate industry.

  • floor plans 
  • furniture library

  • beautiful visualization
  • customer support

ColorSnap Visualizer

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Get the latest inspiration on color and cutting edge design. Explore all paint colors and color tools. Get involved in different painting projects, and learn basic tools and tricks of painting in your own way.


  • explore color
  • get inspired

  • customer support
  • Offers


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Instantly create and share floor plans, field reports and estimates with one easy-to-use application. As contractors, we're constantly juggling multiple projects and tasks – always on the go.

  • Renovation plans
  • Feasible applications

  • Professional team
  • Customer support

The Home Depot

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The Home Depot helps you find products fast with Image Search.­ ­Search by voice, let our app do the shopping for you and even use the barcode reader to scan an item and read what other customers have to say.

  • DIY Projects   
  • Find what you need

  • locate products 
  • toll free helpline


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Snapguide is a free iOS app and web service for those that want to create and share step-by-step "how-to guides." The service provides easy to understand instructions for a wide array of topics.

  • get the app   
  • explore guides

  • customer support
  • user-friendly

Handyman Calculator

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Complete construction calculator with simple inputs. Reduce Waste, Save Time and Money with this app! Give it a try! Calculate materials, track invoices, time spent, manage to-do list and save calculations to notepad.

  • compatible app
  • time calcuator 

  • track invoices
  • Customer service


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wikiHow is a worldwide collaboration of thousands of people focused on one goal: teaching anyone in the world how to do anything. Everything you read on wikiHow was written by someone who wanted to help someone.

  • Credential experts
  • Trained researchers

  • Reliable platform
  • Support

RoomScan Pro

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RoomScan Pro is the only app with three great ways to get a floor plan, making sure it always gets the job done like  Touch Phone Against Walls, Augmented Reality Scanning, and Draw Manually & Use Laser.

  • floor plan app
  • scan and sketch

  • renewable subscription
  • customer support

DIY Home Improvement Apps - Best Design Apps For Your Dream Home

Best DIY Home Improvement Apps

Revamp in your mind? But you are confused on where to start your revamp journey from and you are looking out for some really innovative ideas and inspirations, here we have some really amazing apps for you which offers perfect revamp and home improvement ideas. Whether you are looking to change your interiors or want to get your backyard redesigned and decorated or if you are looking for some great ideas of bedroom decoration, these apps offers everything you want and need. And you can also seek out expert help and get customized plans according to your space and place and can easily follow step to step instructions and some wonderful yet easy DIYs to satisfy your inner creative soul. And if you are wondering which a
pp you should choose for these ideas and inspirations, here we have shortlisted top 10 home improvement apps for you which are really amazing and you should check them out for some really good ideas.

  1. Home Outside: create and make your dream backyard by simply downloading this app and get more than 700 DIY ideas to decorate your garden and backyard and give them a beautiful landscaping design.
  2. Floor Plan Creator: this lets you create 3D floor plans and design lay outs for all your renovation and redesigning work.
  3. WikiHow: it covers all the topics and offers some amazing tips, repair techniques and life hacks and lets you design you very own and easy DIY piece for your home.
  4. iHandy Carpenter: as the name says handy, this app is actually very handy and offers five convenient carpenter tools which you can carry in your smartphones and can be used for the measurements.
  5. Houzz: this app lets you save a hundred of home related ideas such as furniture, fixture, bedroom ideas and much more and also directs you to link for shopping and buying your perfect piece which you have liked.
  6. Chairish: this site is a store house of some innovative advice and inspirations and here you can easily sell and buy the old furniture having some really modern as well as vintage furniture.
  7. HomeAdvisor: this app is free to use and connect you with some great local experts by scheduling your appointment and getting valuable ideas.
  8. Dream Home: this app keeps you updated with all the latest trends and offers great home improvement ideas and inspirations.
  9. Bright Nest: this app offers tasks and suggestions and let you keep a track of all your tasks and help in home maintenance.
  10. Handy Man DIY: this app comes with full featured planning and gives you access to great ideas and information.

Choose the Home Improvement Apps according to your needs

Every above-mentioned app has different features and serve different purposes. So, choose your app according to your needs, identify your needs and then select your app according to the features it offers:

  • Consult Experts: if you are looking forward for a decision making app and you want to seek help from some renowned experts and want professional help then there are some great apps for you like HomeAdvisor & Dream Home where you can get some really great advises and information about home improvement and much more.
  • Interesting ideas and inspirations: when you want to redesign something you surely need some really great ideas and you should look out for some innovative methods, there are certain apps which offers hundreds of mind blowing and easy DIY ideas and these apps offers step by step instruction to complete your DIYs. For interesting ideas and inspirations do check out apps like Houzz and Chairish. Not only you can get inspirations here but also you will get shopping links for the products you like and want to shop.
  • Beautiful landscapes: want to redesign your backyard or room or want to give a new shape to your garden and want to get some amazing accessories for your garden, there are many apps which offers beautiful landscaping ideas which also helps you in selecting the plants, gears and much more for your home improvement. For some beautiful landscaping ideas check out Bright Nest and Home Ideas and surely you won’t be disappointed with the ideas they have in store for you.
  • Make a Plan: a perfect plan is a much-needed thing for anything you want to start and create and for DIYs for designing your home you need a great master plan for it. There are certain apps which are specifically designed for you to formulate a perfect plan and you can also check out the layout before initiating your work. Floor Plan Creator and Handy Man DIY are the best apps to plan your entire renovation process.
  • For general repairs: some repairs are really easy to handle and you don’t need any professional people for it, instead you can check out some apps like iHandy Carpenter & WikiHow and can get some really easy step by step repair ideas.

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