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The MyHeritage is a popular DNA kit that allows you to discover your family history and ethnic origins.

  • Historical records
  • Order for $59

  • Family tree builder
  • Privacy protected


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The World's Largest Consumer DNA database that helps you find genetic relatives and expand your genealogy research.

  • Testing kit only at $99
  • Ethnicity details

  • 25+ personal traits
  • Gift memberships


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Discover the world of your DNA, looking at ancestry, fitness, nutrition, and more with a Living DNA test.

  • Get started for $99
  • Detailed ancestry

  • Incredible details
  • Get complete kit


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The Vitagene is a best DNA health testing kit that analyzes ancestry report, plus diet, fitness, skin, & supplement reports.

  • Discover your ancestry
  • Get supplement report

  • Unlock your future @$79
  • Receive your results


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Take charge of your future with Orig3n DNA that helps you about your fitness, nutrition, behavior, and beauty.

  • Best-selling test
  • Get nutrition bundle

  • Power performance
  • Student discount


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The GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test provides information about the geographical location of your ancestral origin.

  • Pinpoint ancestry
  • Highest resolution

  • Get promo codes
  • Free shipping


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Nutrisystem Body Blueprint DNA kit helps to analyzes a person's genetic makeup and generates a nutrition and health report.

  • Personalized plans
  • DNA blueprint

  • Get login rewards
  • Optimize your body


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LetsGetChecked is an at-home health testing platform that allows consumers direct access to regulated laboratory testing.

  • Harmonal tests
  • Cancer screening tests

  • Pharmacy locater
  • Terms and services

Futura Genetics

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Futura Genetics is one of the most advanced genetic testing services for your personal DNA test and manages predisposition to 28 common diseases.

  • Plan your tomorrow
  • Science-backed test

  • Optimal personal traits
  • Certified labs


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The Personal Genetic DNA test with 2000+ Geographic Regions, family tree, DNA relative finder, and trait Reports.

  • Traits service
  • Genetic tests

  • Innovative ancestry
  • Private and protective

Find Best DNA Testing Companies to Trace your Ancestry

Best DNA Testing Kits

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is the source of heritage and life. It determines the generation from the older times to the present. It makes you who you are collecting everything from your facial features to your immune system. The study of your DNA gives an accurate description of your heritage and ancestry. Many people nowadays who are curious about knowing their heritage better use DNA kits to analyze their health and other aspects of their body. If you also want to know about your ancestry or other things related to the body, you can use any of the top 10 DNA test kits.

  1. AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit: It thoroughly traces your ethnicity from 500 global regions to help you learn about your ethnic heritage. It is perfect for those seeking information about distant cousins or even biological parents.
  2. 23andMe: It has a database of 12 million customers through which you can find out which genes you're carrying or what disease you will take forward. If your whole family uses the kit, you can see how much DNA you have in common.
  3. MyHeritage: It offers a free tier service that includes primary family tree building and access to historical documents. It is a low-priced DNA test kit that gives you a detailed report of your ethnicity and also helps you locate relatives based on shared genetics.
  4. FamilyTree DNA: This DNA test kit offers a comprehensive suite of reports and tools to analyze your DNA. The test results provide information about your ethnicity and geographical origins, and also about potential relatives from the massive DNA database.
  5. Living DNA: It extracts information from more than 80 geographical regions and features information about maternal and paternal haplogroups. It comes with a ‘wellbeing' package that includes information about vitamins, foods, and exercise for healthy living.
  6. LetsGetChecked: It is an excellent choice if you want to know about your health and wellness. It has many tests for both males and females like fertility, diabetes, vitamins, food allergies, and even STDs. You will get your results in a few days after submitting your samples.
  7. FindMyPast: This test kit offers the most extensive collection of British genealogical records from 80 global regions. You can get information about the genetic lineages in the areas of England. You can access birth, marriage, and death certificates, census records, photos, and other information.
  8. HomeDNA: It enables you to have all the information about your ancestry, health & beauty, and even your pets. You can know better about your skin, your weight, and your family ancestry. One salient feature about this test kit is that it doesn’t sell your information to third parties.
  9. EverlyWell: It offers a wide variety of at-home wellness tests to determine your health. You can track your sleep, stress, hormones, heart health, fertility, and allergies from this kit.
  10. GenoPalate: It offers nutrition DNA tests for you to determine which type of foods are best for your genetic makeup. The report contains a list of over 100 foods that are good for your body.

What you might know through a DNA test kit

  • Ancestry and heritage: If you get a full DNA test, you will get a detailed breakdown of your origin and ethnicity, both from the maternal and paternal sides.
  • Relative identification: A DNA testing kits will let you connect with unknown relatives across the world. Many users have used the service and have permitted to connect to their relatives. 
  • Health condition: It can also indicate your health conditions and diseases that you can pass forward or get genetically.
  • Nutritional information: You can know about your skincare, body weight, and nutrition that is necessary to maintain your health.

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