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Policygenius is a tool that allows you to compare quotes from various insurance companies all in one place. Shop the market and get insurance right.

  • timeaway
  • easy to compare quotes

  • simple set up
  • happiness guarantee

Leap Life

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Leap Life focuses on quickly and efficiently connecting customers with the best possible life insurance options for their needs.

  • low cost options
  • focuses on connecting customers

  • access to phone
  • cost sharing

National Family

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National Family is an online insurance company offering life, health, home, and auto insurance coverages at competitive prices from leading providers.

  • upto 70% savings
  • guaranteed approval

  • requires no medical exam
  • get free quotes

Haven Life

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Haven Life is an online life insurance agency that offers term life insurance only. An easy, affordable and dependable way to look after the people you love.

  • affordable rates
  • no commission is charged

  • unique and useful features
  • paperless processing

Health I.Q.

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Health IQ is an insurance company rewarding the health conscious with lower rates on life insurance & Medicare Supplement insurance.

  • great rates for people 
  • discounts available

  • get a free quote
  • save money


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Sproutt offers people a smarter and easier way to buy life insurance. It works with top-rated life insurance carriers like AIG, SBLI, Principal and Sagicor Life.

  • no exam required
  • lifetime protection

  • offers term of 10-30 years
  • heathly living rewards

Find the Best Life Insurance Company or Life Insurance Plans for your Needs and Lifestyle

Best Life Insurance Apps

These days everything you need is just a single click away with all the online facilities. Even life insurance is made easy with all the apps and can be booked online. As we all know that life doesn’t work according to us and is highly uncertain so to meet up losses from uncertainty and prosper your future and stay stress-free, people should have their life insurance done.

Life insurance should be on the top of your priority list and you should also opt for the best insurance plan according to your lifestyle and needs. There are many types of different insurance plans which you can select. The best time to plan your insurance is when you are young and healthy and get yourself covered under a secure and safe plan. There are so many insurance companies and plans which can be chosen, to make it easy for you we have created a list of top 10 life insurance companies that provides the best insurance cover with the minimum of hassle. So, if you are looking out for the best life insurance providers, don’t forget out to check out these apps and sites.

  1. Haven Life: it is a speedy life insurance plan where you can skip the medical exam and get the full coverage, it has plans to range from 10-30 years and for the people of age 18-64 years and offers the maximum coverage of $3 million.
  2. Oscar Health: this is the best plan as it not only protects and covers the users but also connects them to doctors for the utmost care and safety.
  3. Next Insurance: with as many as 8 coverages to choose from it offers low premium policies starting from $19 per month and covers term, whole, and universal life insurance plans.
  4. Health IQ: offering term and whole plans, its plans range between 10-30 years and provides maximum coverage of $3 million with no upper age limit and offers a variety of plans.
  5. Policy Genius: with maximum coverage of $10 million, it offers term and whole insurance plans with no age limit and plans ranging from 10-40 years and also offers the best price in the market.
  6. Leap Life: with issue age between 18-75 years, this offers maximum coverage of $5million and has termed as well as whole plans ranging between 10-30 years.
  7. Root: having no upper age limit, the root is one of the best insurances for people who are on wheels and offers terms and whole insurance plans ranging between 10-30 years.
  8. Lemonade: talk to insurance experts and get your quotes in minutes and book your insurance in seconds and enjoy and take benefits of some of the best plans.
  9. Sproutt: with no age limit, Sproutt offers term, whole and universal plans and provides maximum coverage of $3 million and has plans ranging between 10-30 years and also offers customized policy choices according to your lifestyle.
  10. Bestow: offering term plans having terms ranging from 10-20 years and maximum coverage of $1 million, it provides plans for people who are 21-54 years in age.

What are the different types of life insurance?

There are many types of different life insurance plans, which cover many different types of life spans and you should understand and choose your plan according to the requirement. The different type of plans offered are:

  • Universal life insurance: these are really flexible yet complex types of plans, where you can adjust your premiums and the benefits you will get and are also good if you are looking to borrow money against the cash value of your premium. These are beneficial for the people who have low income at the time of their retirement and premiums are payable according to the strategies selected.
  • Term life insurance: as the name suggests term life insurance plans are for limited-term or span and covers you for a limited period only. These plans range between 5 to 30 years and some of the term insurance plans are convertible and can be converted into whole life insurance by the consent of the insured person.
  • Whole life insurance: these types of life insurance plans covers a whole life and have a higher premium on insurance than term life insurance plans. In this, the insured ones also get annual dividends and can pay their premiums lifetime and are the more expensive options.
  • Variable life insurance: these types of plans are similar to whole term life insurance and have a minimum death benefit with a fixed premium and the best thing about these plans is they improve the cash value of the plans and part of it is directed towards funding the investment portfolio.

 Why opt for life insurance?

While choosing life insurance there are thousands of questions that surround our mind like whether it will be beneficial for us, what type of insurance policy should be chosen, how the policies are important and helpful. We would like to help you out with how these best life insurance plans are important to us.

  • Uncertainty: life these days is very uncertain, so to always come up with the uncertainty you should always be protected and stay ready to meet any type of contingencies in your life and your family should be taken care of even when you are not with them.
  • Financial stability: with insurance, you get power and achieve a stage of financial stability and it can also be helpful in achieving your long-term goals and plans and can be of great help.
  • A tool for savings: life insurance plans are a great tool for saving and you can save big and enjoy the benefits later by investing your money on insurance plans. You can claim your money and use it the way you want to, and they turn out to be great sources of your savings.
  • Peace of mind: with these plans, you can feel secure and safe and can get peace of mind knowing that your family will get benefits even after your death.

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