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Wix.Com is an online website creating platform where the users has the freedom of customizing their websites according to their needs. They have automated tools and templetes that will help begineers to create blogs, websites, logos, online stores and the best SEOs.

  • easy to use
  • free hosting

  • unlimited fonts
  • mobile optimized


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SquareSpace uses email marketing to help business grow and achieve their goals. They provide with various designs and layouts for emails and also integrated analytics to measure, analyze and refine marketing analytics. 

  • all-in-one solution
  • 24*7 customer support

  • free 14 days trial
  • flexible templates

Network Solutions

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Network Solutions is a web technology company providing services to businesses of all sizes. They help businesses build a vast online presence that delivers results.

  • reliable
  • consistent

  • dependable
  • cost effective


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Fiverr is an online platform where the users are provided with services by freelances in fields such as social media, logo design, illustration, SEOs, making book covers, illustrations and much more.

  • quality products
  • offer custom logo

  • wide range of services
  • smart freelancer


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Constant Contact offers services such as email marketing campaigns, setting up online stores, creating websites with in-built marketing tools and social media marketing.

  • customer service
  • makes SEO easy

  • all-in-one
  • analytical

Constant Contact

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Constant Contact offers services such as email marketing campaigns, setting up online stores, creating websites with in-built maketing tools and social media marketing.

  • free trial
  • easy creation

  • 24*7 customer support
  • easy social media


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Vcita is an online email marketing platform that offers features such as effective call-to-action buttons, email marketing on-the-go, customer segmentation, coupon promotions, real-time analytics and email campaign impacts.

  • efficient scheduling
  • good for payments

  • excellent software
  • simple set-ups

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Web.Com is an online website creating platform that offers different hosting features such as unlimited bandwidhth with massive storage of 300GB, dozens of apps including WordPress, Drupal & Joomla, hundreds of templetes, 24/7 customer support care and much more.

  • free
  • affordable services

  • DIY site builder
  • mobile friendly


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Hibu makes digital marketing solutions easy and smart with the tools they use such as facebook calculator, listings scan and marketing score.

  • custom website
  • deliver more visibility

  • most cost-effective
  • offer free tools


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GoDaddy is an online email marketing platform that provides with features such as custom reporting of emails being opened, clicked or shared, authenticated tools for customer security, email editors.

  • low price
  • 24*7 customer support

  • fast and easy
  • reliable

Choose Best Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business

Best Marketing Tools

Success can be made easy these days by adding internet and selecting a strategy which is really good for you. Whether you are a small business or medium one everyone needs to promote their business and spread the word. With new marketing trends and tools emerging in the market it is pretty much necessary to select your tool wisely. Marketing tools are really helpful and are effective strategy to help the business and spread good words about it. There are number of marketing tools available in the market and you can make your target market easily approachable with all these tools, but the question arises that what type of marketing tool will be best suitable for your business. To help you out with the tools, we have shortlisted top 10 best marketing tools which you should definitely consider before selecting one for yourself. Do check out this list to ensure the best marketing tools and technique for your business and enjoy easy and prompt marketing network.

  1. HubSpot: this one is suitable for every type of business and offers free plans and can be mainly used for email marketing, SEO and lead generation.
  2. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is really helpful in managing the traffic and to know where the traffic is coming from to maintain effective quality of traffic and establish interactive content.
  3. Fiverr: this one offers 24x7 customer support to the users and cost around $5 per project and is used mainly for the email marketing, SEO, copyrighting and SEM.
  4. Trello: this one is a great tool for content marketing and lets you manage all your projects efficiently and is helpful in setting up a great online strategy.
  5. BuzzSumo: establishing a great marketing strategy, Buzz Sumo is perfect for the people who are establishing their new business and to understand the competition with best search engine.
  6. Constant Contact: it offers free 30 days trial and is mainly used for email marketing and the prices start at $20 per month.
  7. Crazy Egg: a really easy to use tool, Crazy Egg is for the ones who don’t have much of IT support to offer and is packed with some really amazing features.
  8. MobileMonkey: this one is a social media marketing tool and is absolutely free to use with effective customer service.
  9. Brandwatch: this is a social listening tool which provides you in depth knowledge about followers, site visitors, forums, blog comments and much more.
  10. Brand24: this one helps in gathering and analyzing the social media mentions and increases the scope of improvement.

Why marketing tools?

After this list, the question comes in mind how these tools are effective and helpful and why should we choose them. So, there are number of reasons to choose the marketing tools for your business. Here are some of the reasons which have been shortlisted for you:

  • Increased efficiency: marketing tools not only build up your business image but also results in improving the efficiency of the business and hence leading to improved productivity to ensure the smooth and best running business. This improves your marketing strategy, and you can rely on them for the success of your business.
  • Decreased errors: these tools are not only effective but also reduces the human errors and make the work you have done error free. With these tools there is very less possibility of errors and you can design your marketing strategy free of errors.
  • Easy work: marketing tools not only help in promoting your business and enhancing your marketing efforts but also makes your marketing work really easy and reliable where you don’t have to put much of your efforts and it covers all the major tasks which are needed to be done online for your business.
  • Effective marketing: nowadays the trend has shifted from offline marketing to majorly online marketing as the latest trend is of social media and online things, so using these marketing tools also ensures you the best and most effective marketing and helps in promoting your business at a certain specified budget your business can afford.
  • Interactive content: Marketing tools also acts as mediator between the customers and the business ad they mainly establish an interactive session and content between the two and lets you have a wide range of reach of the customers and improves the functionality of your business.

Types of marketing tools:

Marketing tools are the strategies which are used by the businesses to promote their products and services and leads to the growth and development of the business and the products. There are many different types of best online marketing tools which are mentioned below:

  • Email marketing: email marketing refers to the marketing tool where the customers are attracted to new offers by sending the mails personally to the ids of the person, it is an effective tool and it saves a lot of time as many messages and emails can be sent at the same time.
  • Content marketing: content marketing refers to the attractive content which is offered to the audience which is clearly profit driven and helps in attracting the valuable customer base. Content is really important and should be unique enough so that most of the audience could reach it.
  • Graphic design: this is an expensive tool which is used to attract the customers through great visual and effective designer content and to meet the specific user needs and also is an interactive form of tool which also lets the communication process of business flow easily and efficiently.
  • SEO and Site Speed: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps in increasing the audience and quality of the online traffic which the help of the search engines. And Site Speed shows the speed as how fast the audience is able to interact and get attracted to the content.
  • Social Media marketing: most of the world has shifted to social media for their daily needs and communications, so social media marketing is very necessary as it helps in promoting the tools through social media apps and establish an effective policy.

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