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Etsy app lets you shop millions of one-of-a-kind items straight from your phone. It's home to a universe of special extraordinary items from handmade goods, vintage goods to custom goods-there is something for everyone here in Etsy.

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Global market place

  • Unique and creative goods
  • No charges 

Handmade at Amazon

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Handmade at Amazon is the destination to find unique, genuinely handcrafted products created by local artisans and artisans from around the world to sell to millions of Amazon customers.

  • Free prime shipping
  • Unique handmade goods      

  • Affordability
  • Massive reach    


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Artfire market place is the home to all the artisan goods where you can find unique items and handmade gifts for special occassions. It features one of kind creations by independent artists,small businesses and makers from around the world.

  • Creative community

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Vintage items

  • Shopping suggestions


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Zibbet exists to help artists,makers and creative entrepreneurs to sell more where they can list the products once,sell everywhere and grow their creative business. 

  • Virtual market place

  • Shipping everywhere

  • Stock level in perfect sync

  • $5 per month


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Dawanda is an online market place that trades handmade products. It gives seller a platform to market their handmade products.They also encourage items to be unique,vintage or recycled.

  • gift detective

  • Shipping mostly Europe

  • Item to be vintage, recycled

  • DIY ideas


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eBay is American multinational e-commerce based in California which facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay helps in selling the products to 182 million customers.

  • Trusted website to buy and sell
  • Best shipping solution

  • Accepts payments in a different currency
  • Web-optimized version


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Folksy is the UK's biggest online craft fair. Its the place to buy handmade gifts where you will find thousands of pieces created across UK. So if you looking for a perfect original handcrafted gift you can go through the amazing creations of folksy.

  • Home to british modern craft

  • Shipping in UK

  • No set-up fees

  • Mobile optimized website


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iCraftsGifts is your worldwide market place for everything handmade it exsists to connect artists,designers and craftspeople to those who appreciate their work. They offer highest quality hand-made products.

  • Shop in your currency
  • Buy and sell handmade

  • Highest quality
  • Focus on true artists and crafters

Big Cartel

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Big Cartel is one of the america's best small companies and is a cloud based e-commerce store platform designed for artists and makers. Its perfect for clothing designers,jewellery makers,crafts and other artists.

  • Unique seller store
  • Priced at $9.99 per month

  • Beautiful collection of themes
  • Easy to use

Find Best Places or Websites to Sell Handmade Products Online

Best Marketplaces For Handmade Goods

If you are looking for some unique items either for gift purpose or designing the interiors of your home, handmade goods fits perfectly to your requirements and you can get the goods customized also according to your needs. Handmade goods are not only beautiful, but they also give that unique look to the products you are looking for. There are a number of marketplaces to get your favourite product from so if you are looking for the best one, here we have made it really easy for you by creating a list of top 10 best marketplaces for handmade goods, so before getting yours don’t forget to check out this list:

  1. Storenvy: this is a free marketplace where you can list 1000 products and offer the products from small business and indie markets.
  2. Zibbet:  this one connects the buyers to great artists and their products and is very smooth to use with great customer service.
  3. Etsy: featuring millions of sellers and millions of buyers this is one of the largest marketplaces and ships its products worldwide and also offers customized products according to your needs.
  4. Aftcra: with the mission of supporting local artisans and artist this place connects the artist to the buyers worldwide.
  5. Artfire: with live customer support system and great marketing tools, you can get your products customized here and it has got everything from art, craft supplies to vintage and much more.
  6. Amazon: handmade store at Amazon is specifically designed for all handmade goods and here creating your shop and listing the products is free of cost.
  7. Folksy: created by designers this one offers unique products at great prices.
  8. Big Cartel: this one lets sellers set up their own store and ship the products worldwide.
  9. iCraft: with some amazing deals, discounts and offers this is a customer friendly marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.
  10. Cratejoy: this one is known for the subscription products and is best for the people with recurring purchases.

    How to choose the marketplace to buy the handmade goods?

And there are certain things to be kept in mind when you select the marketplace to buy your handmade goods from. Because everyone needs the best of everything so do consider these points before visiting a handmade good store for a greater and better experience:

  • Quality: do enquire about the quality of goods offered by the marketplace and whether they justify the pricing and the cost of the goods or not. Check the quality of products and match their worth and then finally move towards buying one for yourself.
  • Reviews: go through all the customer reviews and ratings of the place and the quality so that you can be aware about the extent of the customer loyalty that particular place offers and you can know whether it is worth a visit and worth a purchase or not.
  • Customer service: also look out for the type of customer service and the support the place offers. As every customer deserves a great service so select the ones which offers a great customer support and the service, and which is convenient and easy and for the site customer satisfaction is utmost important.
  • Shipping cost: also, there are certain websites which have products prices really low, but they charge hefty prices when it comes to shipping and handling so before making a move and purchasing your favourite thing don’t forget to check out the shipping cost of the products and know which one offers the products at low prices and which one charges more.
  • Variety of items: there are certain marketplaces which are specially known for the variety of items it offers to its customers, they offer a great range and variety of products from where you can select your favourite product from, and it gives you a wide range of choice so select the ones with the great variety.
  • Currency: there are certain places which offers shipping worldwide so don’t forget to check out the currency and the conversions and the extra conversion charges before proceeding further with your order and placing your order.

How to choose the marketplace to sell your goods?

And if you are looking for a good marketplace to sell your products then there are certain things which should be kept in mind, here we have listed them:

  • Low commissions: check the commissions charged by the marketplaces while selling your goods and compare them with the other ones and select the one with the lowest commission charges so that you can earn more profits.
  • Genuine place: the place where you are willing to sell your product should be genuine enough and should let you sell your products freely without charging much commission.
  • Great market goodwill: check out the market goodwill of the marketplaces and then proceed further after checking the reputation of the marketplace.

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