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Get fresh and eat fresh with the best deliveries from anywhere to everywhere. Yes, with our Meat & Veggies Plan or 3-meal Family Plan, you can choose from delicious new chef-curated recipes every week.

  • Get the app                          
  • Manage your deliveries                                       

  • Blogs and recipes               
  • Customer support 

Home Chef

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Get your meal kit at a satisfactory rate with our best deals. Home Chef offers up to 38 weekly choices using Customize It, priced from $6.99.

  • customized meal              
  • meal kits

  • customer satisfaction
  • easy and quick to prepare

Sun Basket

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Eat healthily and shine like the sun with a healthy basket. Cook with easy-to-follow directions, featuring the best seasonal ingredients.

  • build your basket
  • premium quality        

  • customer support   
  • easy

Fresh and Easy

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Get the oven ready food within minutes. Pop Fast & Fresh meals in the microwave for yummy flavors in minutes, OR heat 'em and eat 'em fresh from the oven.

  • Customized meal
  • Meal kits

  • Premium deals
  • Customer satisfaction

Green Chef

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Get easy to follow meal plans with the best certified organic company. Now offering a variety of easy-to-follow meal plans for every lifestyle, like keto, plant-powered, and more.

  • Lifestyle plans
  • Choose, cook, enjoy

  • Certified company
  • Customer support


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Get fresh and ready to eat food within minutes with a perfect meal at 1 sitting. Each Freshly meal is perfectly sized for 1 person to enjoy at 1 sitting. Our fully-prepared meals are delivered fresh, and ready to eat in 3 minutes.

  • Choose your meal
  • Eat and repeat

  • Customized meal
  • Support

Bistro MD

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Get your needs fulfilled with the fresh meals made and shipped with your prescription. Receive weekly program materials, newsletters, reports, and exclusive access to webinars.

  • Doctor designed
  • Work week program

  • Customer support
  • enjoy variety from week to week


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Every Plate keeps things simple and offers just two plans. With the two-serving plan, subscribers can choose to buy three, four or five kits each week. But with the four-serving plan, you're limited to just three meals per week.

  • Weekly menu
  • Students corner

  • Help center
  • budget friendly

Diet To Go

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Pick your favorite meals from our kitchen to your plate in just 2-3 minutes. Your delicious meals are ready-to-eat in just 2-3 minutes, with no prep required! 

  • Personalize your menu
  • We cook and deliver fresh

  • Heat N eat in 2-3 min
  • Enjoy and repeat


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Pick your favorite meals from our kitchen to your plate within minutes. No more stressful planning, preparing or time wasted shopping. We'll take care of the rest.

  • Chef prepared
  • Healthy meals

  • Enjoy and repeat
  • Delivered fresh

Choose Diet Meal Delivery Plans/ Weight Loss Meal Plan Online

Best Meal Delivery Services

As social distancing has become must after the pandemic, many of us just miss eating our favourite food in the restaurants and hotels and miss our favourite dishes really badly. But with meal delivery services you can now enjoy all your favourite meals at home safely and with the taste as you like. You can customize your meals, add ingredients of your choice and can do much more to your meals. Food preparation has become such an easy task with the meal delivery services that you don’t even have to worry about the recipes, quantities and ingredients. All you need to do is cook the food as ingredients will be provided to you on your doorsteps and you can enjoy healthy and great happy meal on your own. So if you are wondering which meal delivery service is best one for you, here we have shortlisted top 10 best meal services for you which you should definitely check out in case you are looking for great meal delivery services.

  1. Home Chef: at Home Chef you can choose your meal one-month advance and it lets you create your taste file so that you can easily match the recipes according to your taste.
  2. Freshly: this is known for its great quality, delicious taste, easy to prepare menus and healthy food.
  3. Sun Basket: this one is known for its eco-friendly packaging and offers chef driven menus with organic ingredients.
  4. Purple Carrot: this is environment friendly meal service and offers really easy to make healthy and tasty diets.
  5. Gobble: with superb quality meals, this one is known for the customized and healthy meals it has in store for its customers.
  6. Green Chef: this one offers customized meals and diets and offers really good quality ingredients and is a certified organic supplier.
  7. Daily Harvest: with great eco-friendly packaging, this is the best choice for health-conscious people.
  8. Blue apron: with free shipping, this provides you with the best of ingredients from the top suppliers.
  9. Freshology: this one offers contact free delivery and always offers fresh meals and ingredients and does not bring along frozen food. This one also offers meals for weight loss.
  10. HelloFresh: with easy to manage subscriptions, Hello Fresh is a really convenient option and it offers fresh ingredients and simple recipes.

Why meal delivery service?

And if you are wondering why the meal delivery services are better and should be used, here are number of reasons which state the importance of meal delivery services and their uses. So, check these out and go for meal delivery services:

  • Food on your doorstep: with meal delivery services you can get food on your doorstep, without have to worry about going out or grabbing your meals. If you are tired and in no mood to prepare your meal from the scratch and you want to eat healthy meal, these meal services are the best thing to do.
  • Easy to prepare: the meals through the meal delivery service are really easy to prepare and you can add on your flavour and the meals already come with recipe books where the easy step by step preparation of the meal is mentioned and you can select and make up your own dishes with the help of the easy recipes.
  • Healthy & convenient: if you are health conscious and do not want to rely on junk for your food and want to have proper and healthy meals, these meals are best as they are healthy in nature and are really convenient to be made.
  • Affordable: you can save on a lot of your costs as these services are really affordable in nature and they help you with cutting down the major costs and lets you save more.
  • Learn different cooking techniques: you can learn some of the best and amazing cooking techniques with the meal deliveries as they also offer their recipe and technique along with the ingredients and so you can improve and increase your knowledge and learning and enjoy some of the delicious meals through this.
  • Hassle free groceries: you don’t even have to step out of your comfort zone to get the groceries, as all the groceries and the ingredients are offered and provided by them and you just need to convert these things into a proper meal.
  • Save time: with these top meal delivery services on the go you can save a lot of your time as everything is sorted from your groceries to the recipes to the ingredients and you just have to put together the whole thing in order to enjoy the delicious meals.
  • Cut down waste: these also help in cutting down the waste as the ingredients are already measured and are according to the requirement of the meal.

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