Best Medical Alert Systems & Monitoring Devices

Medical Guardian

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Medical Guardian is one of the most trusted medical alert providers. These wearables comes in different forms and have features like detecting falls, providing GPS location of the patients and much more.

  • excellent monitoring and support
  • landline and cellular based home system

  • 24+ hour backup battery
  • discounts and extras available

Medical Alert

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This device is one one of the lighest weight mobile system with 24/7 emergency response. They offer customization for the user by safety specialists and also offer a 30-day risk fre trial.

  • use of GPS
  • can be customized

  • offers mobile apps
  • flexible budget


#3 Rank out of 10

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MobileHelp offers the highest quality of affordable mobile medical alert systems and 100% US based emergency monitoring. It helps in providing protection to members everywhere they go where cellular networks are available.

  • provides better user experiences
  • easier to use

  • customer loyalty
  • sharing updates


#4 Rank out of 10

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LifeStation is the medical alert system that fits according to the user's lifestyle. They offer in home systems and GPS systems to provide help anytime, anywhere. The system can be customized.

  • long battery life
  • clear two-way audio

  • in-house call monitoring centre
  • no extra fees

One Call Alert

#5 Rank out of 10

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One Call Alert offers senior citizens the oppurtunity to live independently with the security and safety of knowing that medical assistance is just a push away in a situation of emergency.

  • affordable
  • simple

  • three-in-one offer
  • data storage policy


#6 Rank out of 10

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LifeFone provides members with a secure medical alert system. They have amazing consmer friendly policies like no activation or equipment fees, 30-day money back guarantee, spouse protection for free with basic service and much more. 

  • caregiving tools
  • offers quality systems

  • reliable
  • affordable

Philips Lifeline

#7 Rank out of 10

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Philips Lifeline helps provide support to the users in every situation through their personalized medical alert system. It is recommended by over 200,000 healthcare professionals.

  • no activation fee
  • low monthly fee

  • GPS support
  • great technology


#8 Rank out of 10

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HelpButton provides the users with features like GPS and WIFI, fall detection, waterproof wearables, good battery life, unlimited range and much more. Always connected, always independent.

  • simple
  • affordable

  • safe 
  • easy setup


#9 Rank out of 10

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Unlike other medical alert providers GetSafe is a system designed to work around the users, not on them. With modern aesthetics, the system will blend beautifully into the users home environment and eventually the lifestyle. 

  • free and independent advice
  • affordable

  • gives better protection
  • simple to use


#10 Rank out of 10

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QMedic is an online medical assistance platform that is tailored-made for high risk patients at home. It doesnot provide fall detective systems as they are prone to false alarms.

  • simple
  • low monthly pricing

  • 30-day trial period
  • penalty free cancellation

How to Choose Medical Alert System

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems, also known as personal emergency response systems (PERS), provide a simple way for people, especially old people, to get medical alerts. The system gives you everything you need for the safety of the elderly member of your family. Any type of emergency that needs a quick response can be addressed through a best medical alert systems with just the click of a button. The list below provides the top 10 medical alert systems to use.

  1. Medical Guardian: It offers an in-home medical alert system, an in-home cellular option, two mobile devices, and a smartwatch. It comes with activity sensors, a mobile app, and customizable features, including fault detection, two-way audio, and help buttons.
  2. Bay Alarm Medical: It is an affordable system that you can use everywhere. It has an in-car system that sends instant notifications in case of any mishaps. Other features include customizable packages, bundling options, a smartwatch system, and sleek equipment.
  3. LifeFone: It provides at home and on the go GPS combo, and more bundles of two mobile units. The systems have the option of fall detection two-way talk, GPS capability, daily checking calls, medication reminders, and more. The equipment is made of high-grade material and is cost-effective.
  4. Great Call Lively: it includes features like fall detection and telehealth capability. The app called GreatCall Link allows families and caregivers to connect with the user. It is a waterproof system that offers board-certified doctors 24/7.
  5. Philips: It offers systems for both at home and on the go use. It has all the essential features like two-way talk, fall detection, and waterproof help buttons. It also offers professional installation and adapts simple technology.
  6. Medical Alert: It allows you to view the call history, device status, and location, create testing schedules, and build an emergency contact list of the user. Essential features include fall detection GPS tracking and waterproof help buttons.
  7. Mobile Help: It has duo alert systems that allow two users to use at the same time at an affordable rate. It has a hi-tech touch screen system, MobileHelp Touch, medication reminders, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and more safety features.
  8. LifeStation: It offers an additional in-home landline system a cellular in-home system and a mobile system with GPS capabilities. This system is completely waterproof and offers to add on features and devices. The monitoring agents are Certified Care Specialists by CSAA.
  9. QMedic: QMedic tracks the user's behavior and sends real-time notifications to their contacts. It has an activity-tracking feature that tracks the health conditions of the user. It has automatic fall detection and real-time alerts. 
  10. OneCallAlert: It is suitable for both in and outside of the home coverage and has one of the most affordable systems. The devices come with GPS alert buttons, professional monitoring, fall detection, and two-way talk.

How do medical alert systems function?

The basic function of all medical alert systems is the same. It will connect you to a monitoring center whose personnel will assess your situation and contact emergency services if needed. There are several types of best medical alert systems, some of which are listed below:

  • In-home Traditional: It is an in-home system and requires a landline connection with a monitoring center. It is easy to install and quite affordable. You can plug them into a power outlet and phone jack.
  • In-home Cellular: These are in-home systems that require a cellular connection. They are a little high in price compared to landline systems but include the cost of cellular service.
  • Mobile Medical Alert Systems: These are the home medical alert systems ideal for people outside their home. They come with a two-way speaker and a help button.
  • Smartwatches: They work independently of a cell phone and come with the same features as a medical alert system.

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