Best Meditation Apps for Mindfulness, Sleep Better and Relaxation


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Headspace is an online platform where they offer to improve the health and happiness of the users by the benefits of meditation anytime, anywhere.

  • unique
  • accessible

  • availability of content
  • 10 days free trial

Udaya Yoga & Fitness

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Udaya Yoga offers different programs for users depending from where they want to start. The membership includes unlimited HD streaming yoga, 30+ styles of yoga and fitness, 100+ teachers, music videos, nutrition recipies with free 14 days trial.

  • wide variety of yoga styles
  • impeccable video production

  • customize 
  • free


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Awarded as the 'App of the year' for 2017, Calm offers a lot of programs to choose from such as meditation exercises, music to relax, video lessons on mindful movements and stretching, nature scenes and sounds to relax and much more.

  • easy to use
  • new content

  • experienced experts
  • helps you achieve relaxation

Buddhify/Buddhify 2

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Bhuddify unlike other meditation apps does not tell the users to take out time from their schedule for meditation but comes with customization for the users. It provides with guided meditations, teaches to learn and deepen the knowledge.

  • user-friendly
  • low in cost

  • available for android
  • offers more than 80 guided meditations


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Omnava is a massive, ever-growing library of powerful meditation from world class instructors. The users can find meditation exercises for any situation from stress to sleep. It offers customizations, guided sessions, ambient music tracks to the users for better mindfulness.

  • free to use
  • one-stop productivity app

  • better sleep
  • focus

Stop, Breathe & Think

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This is an online platform that recommends activities and exercises that are specifically executed according to the specific condition whether the user is dealing with anxiety, insomnia, depression and much more.

  • emotional wellness platform
  • offers daily reminders

  • free app
  • easy to use

Smiling Mind

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Smiling mind is a modern meditation web and app-based program that gives a sense of calm, clarity and contentment developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life.

  • free meditation app
  • unique tool

  • social and emotional learning
  • non-profit web

The Mindfulness App

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The mindfulness app is made to take the users on a journey of relaxation and relief. It provides guided meditations from world renowned experts and the users can customize and personalize the app according to their preferences.

  • low price
  • objective monitoring

  • aims at increasing mindful moments
  • good selection of meditators


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Sattva believes that meditation has ancient roots and so does Sattva. It offers features such as guided meditations, chants, mantras, music, meditation timer, tracker, stats, customization and personalization.

  • free meditation app
  • good for workouts and meditation

  • timer and tracker
  • hapiness guarantee


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Sanvello is a mobile app originally developed for stress, anxiety and depresssion using mindfullness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Users can listen to guided meditations and track their mood, thoughts and habbits.

  • easy to navigate
  • provide users with CBT

  • track your mood daily
  • free

Best Free Meditation Apps Will Help to Reduce Stress and Better Mental Health

Meditation Apps

A busy schedule, lack of sleep, and non-stop work can stress the hell out of you. That's why you need some time how to calm your mind and let it breathe. If you are feeling anxious lately, either due to work or due to some other thing, meditation is the best way to cure your anxiety. It doesn't require much time of your day. Just 10 minutes of your schedule will calm both your mind and body. There are many best meditation apps to start with if you are a beginner. Some of those are listed below that anyone from a beginner to intermediate can use.

  1. Calm: It provides you specific soothing sessions based on what you are going through. Be it anxiety, stress, need for a break, habits, or anything else, you can choose a session. There are walking meditations, body scans, master classes, and also sleep stories to calm you down.
  2. Headspace: It provides guided courses and quick meditation sessions combined with delightful illustrations. The app offers sleep music, soundscapes, SOS meditations for emergencies, and much more. It also helps you get better sleep.
  3. The Mindfulness App: It is great for beginners and comes with a lot of options like a 5-day guided practice and introduction to mindfulness. You get timed guided or silent meditations from 3-30 minutes. It also has meditation options, reminders, and statistics to track your sessions.
  4. Insight Timer: It has more than 45000 meditation sessions that you can filter according to your need, time, and benefit. It has experienced mindfulness teachers and a tracker that allows you to track your progress.
  5. Aura: It is an excellent app for those who don't have much time in a day. It has daily meditations, life coaching, unlimited sounds, stories, and music. You can personalize your music, track your mood to review how you feel, and set reminders.
  6. Sattva: It focuses more on the ancient Vedic principles and history of the origin of meditation. The app has 6-minute authentic guided meditations, sacred sounds, chants, mantras, and music by Sanskrit scholars.
  7. 10% Happier: It is great for beginners or for those who don't believe that meditation works. It has expert coaches to give you the basics of meditation in a fun way. They even respond to your questions within a day.
  8. Buddhify: This app helps you to cope with anxiety and stress, with less sleep and difficult emotions. It has multiple teachers to choose from and mindful exercises you can practice anywhere. It comes with 3-40 minutes sessions that are great for both beginners and experienced.
  9. Inscape: It is an extension of a meditation studio in NYC. It helps you reduce stress and anxiety and get better sleep. Inscape comes with guided meditations, custom sleep sessions, sounds, and breathing exercises.
  10. Smiling Mind: This app has 10-minute daily meditations divided into categories by age. It also provides specific programs to indulge in groups, whether you are in the classroom or at work.

Ways to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Meditate: A few minutes out of your day can make a lot of difference. Meditation can alter the brain's neural pathways and gives you the strength to deal with stress.
  • Take deep breaths: Breathing slowly and deep calms your mind. When you take deep breaths, it counters the effect of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.
  • Talk: Whenever you feel stressed anxious, talking to someone may lighten your mood. Find that one person who listens to what you say and speaks your heart out.
  • Exercise: Exercising is a great way to relieve stress and mental pressure. You can go for a quick walk, a run, or do some other activity like yoga to activate your mind and body. Learn more about top medidation apps can help you relax, feel less anxious and sleep better.

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