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SAMI-Aid is a digital and one on one counseling approach to create medical strategies for all the members. It allows users to contact medical professionals virtually anytime and anywhere. It also provides the feature of finding convenient.

  • 24/7 access
  • cost effective

  • free
  • patient focused telemedicine platform


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JustAnswer provides the users with the features of having discussions with board certified doctors, get information and support about drug testing, drug interactions, root canals and much more. It can be used to get help across all areas of medicine. 

  • easy to use platform
  • free

  • verified experts 24/7
  • free 7 day trial


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CallonDoc is an online consultation platform where health questions covers the symptoms and pharmacy information for the consultation and the prescription is sent to the nearby pharmacy. 

  • chat with an expert
  • affordable

  • available 24/7
  • easy and secure


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Walgreens gives consultation to treat a wide range of patients and conditions which are evaluated by certified dotors and medical professionals. It provides features like customer services, insurance acceptance, medication prescription and much more. 

  • free and fasrt prescription
  • track order status

  • flexible shift
  • scanning the barcode


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HealthSapiens is a subscription based health care online platforms that has affordable accessibility to doctors to save time on routine doctor visits. It offers services for individuals as well families.

  • convenient
  • ease to use

  • affordable
  • zero per visit charges


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Amwell is an online platform to connect and enable providers, insurers, patients and innovators to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care. 

  • high quality healthware
  • free

  • easy to talk to doctors
  • secure

Get Doctor's Appointment/Consultation Online and Speak to a Doctor 24/7

Best Online Doctors

There are a lot of things that have changed around us and still, there are changing scenarios and advancements every single day. We are living in constant fear of catching the virus and staying safe has become everyone’s priority. The most risk is visiting a hospital whether it is for a routine check-up or you are feeling unwell. But with telehealth you don’t have to worry about a thing as telehealth is the latest advancement in the medical field and it makes medicines meet with technology as you don’t have to pay a personal visit to the doctor and by sitting at your home you can get your reports and yourself examined easily and you don’t even have to pay a visit to your doctors. Isn’t it great? This not only helps you with saving your time but also during any type of emergency you can use this to seek any type of medical help irrelevant of time and the place you are living in. and if you are confused about which apps or the online doctor services is best for you then we have made it really easy for you by creating the list of top 10 best online doctors through the experience and the research so if you are looking for the best online doctors app don’t forget to check out this list:

  1. Hims: this one is specially designed for the men’s health and it helps in getting easy consultation various treatments for the men and covers many types of diseases.
  2. Steady MD: this one is best as it caters to short and long-term needs and offers fully personalized plans.
  3. Amwell: this is best known for quick care and you can get instant access to medical experts and is suitable for emergency time.
  4. Anytime pediatrics: this one is known for the best pediatrics and has experts ready to treat the children's illness.
  5. JustAnswer: you can out up any type of medical questions through this one and can get all your answers in detail and get the best advice here.
  6. Teladoc: this one is best known for the ease of its use and you can get medical help anywhere through this app.
  7. HealthTap: this one is known for the best budget plans and offers the treatment with low monthly subscription plans.
  8. Better Help: known for the best therapies this one is really good for mental health.
  9. Walgreens: this one is known for the fast response and the short or no wait time for the consultations.
  10. Web Doctors: here the experts are available 24x7 and are best known for the medication and prescription refills.

Why online doctors?

Online medical help is an add-on to the medical field as it has developed over time and linked itself with technology. So here is the number of reasons why best online doctors services and online medical apps are essential and what are the advantages of online doctors:

  • Convenience: online doctors and medical help are really easy to use and are really convenient as you can get all type of consultation online and can get yourself treated without even have to pay the personal visit and you can get your appointment fixed whenever you want to and you don’t even have to move out of your home for it.
  • Emergency: online doctors are not only known for convenient and easy consultation and treatment but are also beneficial if you have any sort of medical emergency and the right medical help is taking some extra time to reach you, you can easily rely on these ones for getting all the help you need to fix the situation.
  • Save your time: with online availability of online doctors and medical consultations, it can easily save your time as you can easily avoid the personal visit and can get treated at the comfort of your home and can know about the type of diseases or the problems you are suffering from by saving a lot of your precious time.
  • Easily available: online doctors are readily available for help and you can easily book the appointments and can seek the help of the medical expert according to your time and convenience and also you don’t have to wait in long queues and spend your time waiting for your doctors.
  • Affordability: these services are cheaper as compared to the treatment you get from the doctors physically and you can seek the help from the doctors anytime and can save on your costs and these are easily compatible with your health insurance.
  • Amazing plans: there are some of the amazing and great deals and plans which you can easily subscribe yourself to for the sake of your health and can enjoy great deals and discounts on your online treatment and consultation and can get the best services everything online.
  • Expertise: want to get yourself examined by some of the well-equipped professional doctors and the experts, you can totally rely on the online doctors and can choose the best doctor according to yourself and can get your consultation done easily online.

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