Best Online Tools for Writers to Improve Your Content

iA Writer

#1 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9987 Reviews)


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iA Writer is a professional writing suite that introduces syntax analysis and a simple workflow. It provides a focused writing experience for business proposals, essays, white papers and more.

  • Crispp & uncluttered
  • Get focused

  • No forced subscriptions
  • Get it for $4.99


#2 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9978 Reviews)


Available On:

Scrivener is the go-to app designed specifically for writing, organizing, and editing long-form projects such as novels, research papers, television scripts and more.

  • go-to app for writers
  • Familiar Text Editing

  • Grow your manuscript
  • Buy it for $19.99


#3 Rank out of 10

User Rating (8998 Reviews)


Available On:

Ulysses is the best writing app with well-thought-out. It lets users write, edit, organize, sync and export all their writing in a single, unified interface.

  • Distraction-Free Interface
  • Single Library for All Texts

  • Daily writing goal limit
  • FREE trials are available


#4 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9912 Reviews)


Available On:

Evernote is a cloud-based software service designed for creating, organizing, and storing notes, to-do lists, and media.

  • 225 million users
  • Organize everything

  • Empower individuals
  • Try it for FREE


#5 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9787 Reviews)


Available On:

Pages is a word processor and page layout application. It is part of the iWork productivity suite and runs on the OS X and iOS operating systems.

  • Beautiful word processor
  • Real-time collaboration

  • Password-protected
  • Try it for FREE


#6 Rank out of 10

User Rating (8998 Reviews)


Available On:

JotterPad is a plain text editor designed for writers and novelists. It helps you unleash your creativity by providing you with plenitude of pre-formatted writing styles.

  • Designed for creative writers
  • Clean typing interface

  • Research at finger tips
  • Try it for FREE


#7 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9891 Reviews)


Available On:

Grammarly is a digital writing tool which provides grammar and spell checking, plagiarism detection services, and suggestions about writing clarity, concision, vocabulary, style, and tone.

  • Clear N Confident conversation
  • AI-powered products

  • Up-level your communication
  • Sign up for FREE


#8 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9989 Reviews)


Available On:

Write better with Draft, easy version control and collaboration for writers. Find ways to write more concisely, more clearly.

  • Version control and collaboration
  • Comment out your writing

  • Write Better with Analytics
  • Sign up for FREE

Writer Plus

#9 Rank out of 10

User Rating (8799 Reviews)


Available On:

Writer Plus is a writing application that allows creative writers to write down quick points. It is best for writing notes, poems, lyrics and more.

  • Handy writer app
  • No fuss and distraction

  • Robust and Stable
  • Get it for FREE

Microsoft Word

#10 Rank out of 10

User Rating (8809 Reviews)


Available On:

Microsoft Word is a word processor software which allow you to format and edit your files and documents in the best possible way.

  • Office productivity app
  • Create a variety of documents

  • Find and Replace
  • Try it for FREE

Choose Best Writing Tools Online for Creative Writing

Best Online Tools for Writers

Writing is a passion for many and is favourite hobby of many people. So, if you are a writer you know the importance of the texts and the meaningful writing pieces. And if you are struggling to portray your feelings through words, then now you don’t have to worry about it as there are number of amazing tools which helps you in improving your writing skills and add the value to your writings and the articles. So, if you want to choose the best online tools for writers, here we have shortlisted top 10 online tools for writers:-

  1. Draft: with some amazing features like team collaborations, on-demand copy editing this is free to use with some great in-app purchases.
  2. Grammarly: it helps you create the great first impression with error free writings and is free to use with some products.
  3. Microsoft Word: this is one of the most famous online tools which comes with so many user friendly and easy to use features and offers various paid options for the products.
  4. Evernote: keep a track of your ideas by creating notes here and it is free to use with some amazing premium plans with great features.
  5. Scapple: this is best known for brainstorming and giving direction to your ideas and offers free 30 days trial to the users.
  6. Hemingway: this helps you in improving your writing skills by identifying the grammatical errors and is free to use.
  7. Readable: this is best known for making your text more attractive and as the name say more readable and offers free 30 days trial to the users.
  8. Google Docs: this is best used as a collaboration tool and is free to use.
  9. Pages: this is compatible with all apple devices and lets the users share and edit the documents according to their needs.
  10. Scrivener: this is best used for any type of professional writing and costs $45 per license.

How to choose your tool?

Before choosing the perfect writing tool for yourself, don’t forget to keep some of the essential points in your mind and then only choose the best one for yourself. Here are some things which are to be considered before choosing the best writing tool for yourself:

  • Cost: check out the cost and the price of the tool and compare and contrast them with the prices of the other tools and know the tool which offers the maximum features at low costs and then select the one for yourself. Choose the tool only when you feel it is worth the purchase according to the features offered.
  • Versatility: the tool you are choosing for yourself should be versatile enough meaning it should offer some really amazing and important features all at one place as there are some tools which are effective enough to offer everything at one place on the other hand some tools have limited features so choose one for yourself wisely.
  • Accessibility: the tools you are choosing should be easily accessible, so that you can easily use them from anywhere and everywhere and can be easy to use and have minimum accessibility requirements so as user can use them easy and without any hassle.
  • Easy to use: the features provided by tools should be easy to use and should not have any type of complicated requirements and should provide an easy without any hassle view to the users and should be simple and clear without need of any type of additional training or complicated instructions.

Why online tools for writers?

Then there are some reasons as to why writers should choose online tools for writers. If you are looking out for reasons, here we have mentioned some below, so check these reasons out before getting one for yourself:

  • Identify mistakes: the online tools are really helpful in identifying any type of writing mistake. As no one is perfect not even greatest of the great writers, so they need these tools to identify their mistakes and then work on them and correct them easily in order to make their writings error free.
  • Attractive writing: these writing tools not only are helpful in identifying the mistakes but also insert some really cool text to make your writings look more attractive and more efficient which enhances the value of the text and increases the credibility of the user with some amazing words and phrases.
  • Stay inspired: if you want to write something and you are not able to identify the perfect words for what is in your mind, then you can use these tools to write and put your feelings in words as these tools are full of some great ideas and the inspirations and keeps on motivating and inspiring the users to write their heart out.
  • Improved writing skills: with the help of these writing tools, you can improve your writing skills and enhance the quality of your articles and the texts as they make the text error free and add on great words and texts in your writings.

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