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Chegg provides online educational platform that specializes in textbook rentals, course assistance, and online tutoring.

  • 24x7 homework help
  • Ask an expert anytime

  • Guided Textbook Solutions
  • Sign up for $14.96/mon

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Available On: is a highly-rated online learning service that offers live, on-demand, one-to-one learning solutions for students and professionals.

  • Professional & expert tutors
  • more than 250 subjects

  • personalized sessions
  • Sign up for FREE


#3 Rank out of 10

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Wyzant is an online services marketplace in educational technology that helps students connect with qualified in-person and online tutors in over 250 different subjects.

  • One-to-one learning
  • instructor of your choice

  • Reach your goals faster
  • Try it for FREE

Growing Stars

#4 Rank out of 10

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Growing Stars offers affordable online tutoring for elementary, high school and middle school students in math, English, science, IT and languages.

  • One-on-one  tutoring
  • develop study skills

  • comfortable environment
  • Try it for $80/mon

Sylvan Learning

#5 Rank out of 10

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Sylvan Learning offers educational services, namely, providing live and online classes and tutoring programs. Affordable in-person & online options.

  • Personalized Tutoring

  • advanced coursework 

  • guarantee results

Club Z

#6 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9897 Reviews)


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Club Z provides one-on-one in-home tutoring services. It offers college tutoring in a variety of subjects to help students succeed.

  • Certified educational specialist
  • 98% satisfaction rate

  • Personal Data Protection
  • Try it for FREE


#7 Rank out of 10

User Rating (8976 Reviews)


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eTutor is a digital platform, software solutions for quality education, virtual classrooms, learning management system and school management.

  • online exams and assessment
  • comprehensive solutions

  • AI enabled platform
  • Try demo for FREE


#8 Rank out of 10

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TutaPoint is the #1 online tutoring provider for students who require extra help. It offers real-time, live online instruction and tutoring.

  • Online Tutoring & instructions
  • Expert & screened tutors

  • solutions-oriented service
  • Sign up for $50/hr

The Princeton Review

#9 Rank out of 10

User Rating (78890 Reviews)


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The Princeton Review is a college admission services company that offering test preparation services, tutoring, and study books.

  • Expert instructors
  • Quality content

  • Productive and strategic


#10 Rank out of 10

User Rating (9765 Reviews)


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Kaplan provides test preparation, license and certification exam preparation, degree programs, English learning and pathway programs.

  • build your bilingual future
  • most diverse education 

  • provides professional training

Choose the Best Online Tutoring Services for Empowering your Child

Best Online Tutoring Services                

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are so many problems faced by different sections of the society, one such problem is of education which is faced by the students and kids of our society. Students are facing problems as they are not able to attend the schools and are lacking behind in knowledge, but to take care of this problem there are many online tutoring services which have been launched to help the children with every type of problem be it their subject related issue or home-work problem or much more. Here are top 10 online tutoring services which you can check out while choosing one for yourself:

  1. Smarthinking: with tutors of minimum 9 years’ experience, this offers 24x7 tutoring at $35 for one hour.
  2. Wyzant: you can book your session and select your subject from more than 300 subjects and here prices vary from tutor to tutor.
  3. Preply: with more than 3000 well qualified tutors, you can learn new languages and prices vary from tutor to tutor.
  4. Chegg: this is famous because of its supportive and helpful team and you can get help with all of your subjects 24x7 and it will cost you around $15 per week for 30 minutes.
  5. TutorMe: you can connect to tutors 24x7 within 30 minutes and they offer different price plans according to time.
  6. Growing Stars: with progress report of your ward and highly qualified staff, their cost starts around $80 per month for 4 hours.
  7. Skooli: with straight forward and extra helpful tools this one cost you around $0.82/ per minute and can be accessed on any device.
  8. Club Z: offering in home and online tutoring in more than 300 subjects, the prices depend on the tutors.
  9. eTutor: they have well developed plans and qualified tutors and costs around $21 per session.
  10. Sylvan: with great teaching methods and personalized plans, this one cost around $49.99 per hour.

How to choose online tutoring services?

There are certain things which are to be kept in mind before selecting your online tutoring services. To make it easier for you we have shortlisted certain points which are to be considered while selecting online tutoring services. Here check the points out:

  • Cost friendly: before choosing your online tutoring, service check out the costs and the prices and also know all type of hidden costs and make the final calculations and check whether the classes are fitting your budget or not. Also check out the thing that whether the amount demanded by the online services is matching their quality and is worth paying or not.
  • Reviews: when you select an app or the service, don’t forget to check out the existing reviews and ratings by the customers, so that you can get a clear picture of the service and according to the quality of education they offer, you can choose one.
  • User friendly interface: the online tutoring services are used by little kids too, so the interface should be easy to use and user friendly so that there are no complications for the kids while using any of the service and the service is easy to understand and perform the function.
  • Accessibility: if you are choosing online services, so they should be flexible and versatile enough and can be changed and customized according to your needs and schedules and you can use them easily from whichever place you are at and should be according to your plans and time.

Why online tutoring services?

There are certain advantages of top online tutoring services and here are the reasons why you can choose online services over in person services and how can they be important for you? Check out the reasons as why you should use them:

  • Personalized services: the online tutoring services offer personalized services and are specially designed for you and are designed according to your needs and desires and your kid can easily learn as the learning techniques will be designed especially for your kid and this can upgrade him and can improve his knowledge to great extent.
  • Boosts up the confidence: the online tutoring services are also inspiring and keep on motivating your kids which results in boosting up and leveling up of their confidence and they can stay motivated and with the immense confidence can add up their knowledge and information.
  • Flexible schedule: the online tutoring services are much better with the schedules and the time and you can fix your schedule according to the timings that suit you whereas in personal tutoring the time is selected by the tutor and you have to follow it. In online tutoring you can study whenever you want.
  • Grade improvement: there are certain online tutoring services which also offers grade improvement guarantee with the services. But that need dedication and hundred percent commitment of your child as tutoring is not only sufficient and you need to work hard along with it.

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