Best Personal Safety Apps and Safety Devices to Keep People Safe


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The company partners with alarm centers, mobile operators and mobile manufacturers to develop safety and secure software for mobile phones and mobile centers with groundbreaking new features to make the users feel secure. 

  • most advanced safety measures
  • easy to activate

  • highly versatile
  • very accurate

Circle of 6

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Circle of 6 is an online safety app that lets the users choose 6 people from their contacts to reach out whenever they don't feel secure in a situation. The app offers features such as messaging, calling, location tracking, access to information about sexuality, relationships, safety.

  • quick and easy
  • simple tool

  • free
  • simple tool to prevent violence


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Kitestring is an online safety app that lets the users give Kitestring a heads up while meeting a stranger or going out for a night stroll. It sends an alert message to your personal contacts if it is not able to get a reply from the users.

  • free plan
  • easy to use

  • flexible schedule
  • no smartphone needed

Watch Over Me

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Watch over me is a company that uses technology to help women all over the world feel safer with international team of technology, growth and design experts. The app sends automatic text message alerts to the users safety network whenever they need them.

  • real time tracking
  • shake to alarm feature

  • easy to use
  • free

React Mobile

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React Mobile is a flexible safety platform that offers tailored solution according to the users needs. It creates a simple yet powerful personal safety platform that transforms the way people call for help in emergencies.

  • high level of security
  • choose from multiple security plans

  • discounted pricing available
  • custom javascript advantage


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Hollaback! is a global, people powered movement to end harassment in all its forms in tranforming the culture that perpetuates hate and harassment. They offer features like collecting and sharing stories of harassment to help the users move from understanding harassment as a personal problem.

  • simple
  • equal access to public spaces

  • free download
  • easy to use

Red Panic Button

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Red Panic Button is an online safety app that relies on GPS tracking and can be used discreetly to send alerts to your personal contacts in situations of emergency.

  • allows elders and disabled move freely
  • one-click emergency button

  • supports wearable tech
  • twitter panic message


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SafeTrek offers features of sending for help to the user's location on the tap of a button. It saves details to your timeline, like who, when and where the user is meeting with people in case of an emergency.

  • easy to use and understand
  • cancel the call with a 4 digit pin

  • feel protected 24/7
  • free

Protect Yourself with Personal Safety Apps

Best Personal Safety Apps

In today’s world, one should always be aware of and should be prepared for any type of danger. As the danger doesn’t seek permission before coming and you need to be really cautious as it can happen anywhere, anytime, and with any person. So, to overcome or avoid the danger one must be equipped with great features and apps to face the danger and also can involve your near and dear ones when you couldn’t identify the way out. All this can happen with just a single personal safety apps which can be used as a prevention measure from the danger. These apps can make your near and dear ones alert when you are in the middle of any danger and help you survive and find the way back. Choosing your personal safety apps can be a bit confusing, so we have created a list of the top 10 personal safety apps that you can rely on without having any second thoughts in mind. If you want to use and download any safety app then don’t forget to check out these 10:

  1. bSafe: with a great social safety network, whenever anyone in your social network faces any type of danger, a message with their location and status will appear on everyone else’s screen so that the person can get immediate help.
  2. Red Panic Button: when you press the red panic button, your location details will be sent to your SOS contacts.
  3. Watch Over Me: this app alerts the emergency contacts when you will shake your phone even when your phone is locked.
  4. Trusted Contacts: here you can select your trusted contacts and then they will be able to see your location and status and can keep connected with your family.
  5. FIR: this is a unique app that sends a notification of your location to the security services of that area whenever you feel any type of danger.
  6. Circle of 6: this app lets you select six of your family members or close people and notify them whenever you feel any type of danger with just two taps.
  7. Silent Beacon: this app lets you send messages to many people at the same time whenever you are in danger.
  8. SafeOn: you just need to shake your phone in order to notify your location and status to your friends.
  9. Saferway: with real-time, video sharing, this app also lets your near and dear ones know about your location and status.
  10. Family Locator: with this app, you can receive a warning alarm whenever any of your family members is in an emergency situation.

Why do we need personal safety apps?

The importance of these personal safety apps can be told through the below-mentioned points and we can also identify why it is necessary to carry a personal safety app on your smartphone:

  • The mechanism to cope up with emergency: these apps are customized and have a really smooth and great mechanism to cope up with any type of emergency, where when you face a danger or sense danger around you, you can directly report it through the app and your near and dear ones can come to your rescue.
  • Aids personal safety: staying safe and leading a healthy life is the priority of everyone and through these apps you can ensure great personal safety and can feel secure anytime whether you are driving alone in the night, going for a walk, coming back from a party and much more. You can rely on these apps for your safety.
  • Stay connected with family: these apps not only let you boost up your personal safety system but also makes sure to connect you with your family or loved ones during emergency or any type of mishap. You just need to work according to the requirement of the app and your people will know whenever you will be in danger.
  • Awareness: you can rely on these apps for being helpful and can feel secure with their safety system. Also, you can stay aware of your surroundings and these apps also let you stay alert and fight back any type of emergency which comes up your way.

How to choose your app?

Now the next question which comes into the picture is how to choose the best safety apps for yourself, so here are certain points that should be taken care of before selecting the app:

  • Easy to use: the app should be easy to use, so that when in danger you can easily notify the people and it should have a user-friendly interface.
  • Cost friendly: the app which you select should be cost-friendly and should offer great features at lest prices make it more economical and pocket-friendly for the users.
  • Great Features: you should check out the features the app offers and select the app with the best maximum features.
  • Integration: you should select the app with maximum integration and the app should be able to link itself with many other websites.

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