Best Tools to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Net Nanny

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Net Nanny is a parental control software & website blocker that control your child's computer and phone activity.

  • Family protection pass
  • Parental controls

  • Geofencing alerts
  • Get the app at $54.99


#2 Rank out of 9

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Qustodio is a free parental control software that helps you monitor your kids’ screen time and prevent them from seeing inappropriate content.

  • Manage child’s device
  • Get a panic button

  • Block pornography
  • Get started FREE

Norton Family Premier

#3 Rank out of 9

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Norton Family Premier is one of the best parental control software that helps you supervise and manage your kids' online activities.

  • Teach online habits
  • Time supervision

  • Parent portal
  • Subscribe at $49.99/year


Kaspersky Safe Kids

#4 Rank out of 9

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Kaspersky Safe Kids is an advanced parental control app that Blocks harmful sites, bad YouTube search requests, and more.

  • Manage screen time
  • Blocks bad search

  • Online content filter
  • Get a FREE trial


#5 Rank out of 9

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The circle is parental controls customizable solutions that helps filter content, combat screen addiction, keep kids safe online, and create a better balance with a digital device.

  • addorable parental monitoring
  • safe platform for kids

  • allows parents to set internet restrictions
  • prevents a variety of content


#6 Rank out of 9

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KidLogger is open-source software for parental control to help you get to know, what your children are doing on a computer or smartphone.

  • Web history monitoring
  • Records keystrokes

  • Monitor messengers
  • Get basic version FREE

Zoodles Kid Mode

#7 Rank out of 9

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Zoodles Kid Mode helps kids learn and play in a safe digital environment, offers math, science, and educational games, thousands of informative videos.

  • Parental control
  • Customized curriculum

  • Safe digital life
  • Get the FREE app

Clean Router

#8 Rank out of 9

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The Clean Router allows parents to easily manage all of the devices on their home network, time restrictions, filters YouTube, and more.

  • Wi-Fi house
  • Parental controls

  • Enforce bedtime
  • Get plan at $9.99/m


#9 Rank out of 9

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Available On:

Mobicip parental control app is the most convenient way to manage your family's screen time, protect your kids online from your phone or computer.

  • Internet filters
  • Monitor devices

  • Block social media
  • Get it at $3.99/m

Choose Best Parental Control Software and Keep your Children Safe Online

Best Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online

The safety of your child is important, be it offline or online. The internet has been a boon to children, giving them knowledge and learning skills. Even classes have turned online nowadays. However, the increased screen time has also increased the risk of your child’s safety. Kids can unknowingly fall into the trap of anyone online, risking their lives and future. So, it becomes necessary to keep their internet usability in check. There are some tools that can help to keep your kids safe online. A list of the top 10 tools  to keep kids safe online is given below.

  1. Qustodio: This platform delivers everything when it comes to controls and safety. It lets you block and limit inappropriate content, games, and apps. You can also monitor social media, manage screen time, and track the location of your child.
  2. Kido'z: It is an Adobe AIR application that supervises your children as they use the internet. It lets you decide what content your kids can view. You can choose from a bunch of icons, and Kido'z will take you to the respective web page.
  3. Bark: Bark monitors your child’s social media accounts and texts and notifies you if there’s anything alarming like cyberbullying or suicidality. It also gives you tips to discuss the issues with your kid.
  4. Kaspersky: It enables content restrictions, blocks alarming YouTube search requests, helps manage screen time, games, and also inappropriate apps. It also shares expert advice from child psychologists about online issues.
  5. KidZui: It is a safe browser for kids that allows kids to see only the content approved by it. It also engages the whole screen of the PC so your kids can't access anything else. Only the password chosen by the parent can remove KidZui from the screen.
  6. ZuiTube: ZuiTube is YouTube for kids that gathers clips from YouTube suitable for children. It allows you to watch videos without any registration. The clips include excellent quality movies, shows, music videos, and more.
  7. Net Nanny: It provides parental control, screen time management, an internet filter, and the ability to block apps, games, inappropriate websites. You can check the alerts and online activity in a daily feed from your browser.
  8. Zoodles: Zoodles is an app that combines technology with education. It controls which websites your kids can access and tells how much time they spend on each site. Your child can watch videos, play educational games, and read books through the app.
  9. Mobicip: Mobicip lets you monitor all devices from one app and also control and lock devices immediately. You can review internet browsing for one month, block inappropriate websites, games, and social media apps.
  10. Ourpact: Ourpact enables you to block specific apps or allow them for only a limited time. You can also schedule allowances on your child’s phone or tablet, monitor content, and use geofences.

How to keep your kids safe online

  • Involve them in activities: Do activities with your child like playing a game, searching about a topic, or doing other chores. It will teach your kid good computer habits while he is online.
  • Place your computer openly: If your computer is in an open area, you can monitor the activities more easily. It will also keep your children from searching for something they should not.
  • Monitor Computer Activity: Make sure that your child is making good use of the computer. Keep track of their online activity like emails and messages.
  • Communicate: Talk to your child. The more you will be open to them, the more they will open up to you. Also, make their separate accounts so that they accidentally don’t modify or delete your files.

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