Responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling- It Involves More than Just Money

Gambling has always been on the controversial side of societal norms. Most communities across the world consider Gambling to be harmful and addictive, and this is true from some perspectives.

However, there is another angle: when people play casino games or gamble for fun and with limitations, it can be considered entertainment, just like a game. This concept is known as Responsible Gambling.

Mainly, gamblers do not practice responsible gambling; they do not have any other source of income and earn only through gambling. Hence, gamblers must incorporate practices, like taking breaks in between and only seeing gambling as a source of fun rather than a source of continuous income. You must set limits on your gambling and use only the extra money you have after fulfilling your family's responsibilities.

Responsible Gambling comes with limit setting and using online casino games to enjoy and have fun along with some winnings. However, if you're gambling with all your money without having anything to eat or feed your family, that is wrong and must be discouraged.

Today, with casinos spreading over the internet, it is crucial to instill the idea of responsible gambling in everyone's mind and encourage people to adopt those practices to stay happy. This will make changing society's norms down the lane easier.

What are the signs of Addictive Gambling?

Yes, Gambling is an addiction, and Responsible Gambling is one great way to keep Addictive Gambling in check. Here are some signs that you have when you're addicted to  gambling:

  • If you talk, speak, and plan your day according to their Gambling schedules, you'll mostly think about bets and casino games throughout the day.
  • Gambling gives you a thrill, so you may start with smaller bets, but you’ll constantly increase your bets and money to get the same thrill.
  • You may try to hide about gambling and the money you win or lose or bet in gambling from your loved ones.
  • If you’re trying to cut down on gambling, you may feel restless and irritable; this means you're already addicted to gambling. So, in this case, you must push yourself more to cut down on gambling, even though it is challenging.
  • Suppose you have lost some money in gambling; if you gamble more money to win back the money you lost, it means you're addicted, and you need to seek help or stabilise yourself.
  • If Gambling is your source of happiness and you use it to escape life situations and your emotions, then you have to get help and get away from gambling for some time.
  • You’re addicted to Gambling, and you’re ready to risk or lose relationships or jobs in your life. In this case, you have to get help from a professional.
  • If you're pouring yourself into the ocean of debt because of your losses in Gambling, it's a clear sign of addiction, and you have to look for help professionally.

How to seek help for Gambling Addiction?

If you or any of your known relatives or friends is facing the above issues due to Gambling, you must offer help in the following ways:

1. Counseling Services

There are several professional therapists available who can help you with your gambling problem; you can get help from them. They will understand your problem, give you exercise, and develop strategies for you to help you in all possible ways.

2. Hotlines

You can also get help from hotlines as they provide a lot of information about responsible gambling. If you're addicted to it, they provide many support articles to help you combat the issue properly.

3. Support Groups

Sometimes, talking to a bunch of strangers about your problem and hearing their stories may help you with gambling addiction. In this way, you’ll release your emotions, and you won't have the fear of judgment, which is very common when you speak about your gambling problem with a known person.

4. Addiction Treatment Programs

There are specific addiction treatment programs run by psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists that can help you deal with and come out of your addiction problem with gambling. However, it is a slow process and may be uncomfortable, but much needed if you’re addicted to gambling.

Tips to Practice Responsible Gambling

We know the struggles of a gambler when they go haywire, so we suggest that you practice Responsible Gambling from the beginning to avoid falling into the traps of addiction. Here are a few tips to help you practice Responsible Gambling while enjoying the games because that's the main idea.

Breaking-Up is your Mantra

It may sound very cheesy or romantic, but if you're a gambler, make it your mantra. If you have a partner, you know that distance sometimes benefits your relationship. Similarly, if you want to continue gambling without getting addicted and enjoy it the same way you did when you played for the first time, then giving breaks to gambling can be very helpful. It will keep the fun and thrill in your games intact, and you will never get addicted to Gambling.

Stop Chasing Losses

If you're a seasoned gambler, you have the loop of losing and playing to win your lost money and eventually lose all the money. When they lose a bet, most people will play for more money to win the money back, but casinos work in a different pattern, and in 90% of cases, you lose everything. If you fall into this trap every time you're gambling, there are definite chances of you becoming addicted to the game. Instead, you can take a break when you lose a bet and return more substantial next time.

Stick to your Budget

Budgeting is the key to success not only in personal finances but also in the gambling world. You must understand that gambling is just a recreational part of your life, and it must come at the end of your life. So, you must first spend your money on your essentials and then chalk out a portion of your income for gambling. Suppose you lose the budget you have fixed for gambling completely. Do not spend extra money to bet; wait for next month, and you may win next time. This is Responsible Gambling

No Emotional Gambling

Life is full of mixed emotions; you may be happy, sad, angry, confused, or anything, but don't push gambling into your actions after each emotion. It would be best if you stuck to playing gambling for fun and entertainment. We suggest you not indulge in gambling when you're hurt or angry or jealous or any other negative emotions because it creates terrible patterns, and the consequences are always wrong as you're not acting with your whole mind.

Know the Odds Well

You must know the odds well to win more when gambling or playing a casino. Do not play games with massive amounts of money if you don't have complete knowledge of the game. It is ideal to play trial games in the beginning if you're getting to know the game, then play with less money to gain experience. Further, when you see the game odds well, you can play for more money as you will have higher winning chances.

Choose Online Casinos Carefully

You must choose online casinos correctly to avoid getting addicted to gambling. Many casinos promote Responsible Gambling practices; you can select them to avoid falling into a trap and gambling only for fun.

Say No to Alcohol or Other Drugs while Gambling

Alcohol and other drugs will take you away from your consciousness, and it will numb your mind. If you gamble while consuming them, you cannot think well and may make bad decisions, eventually losing you. So, it is ideal to bet when you're happy and are completely conscious, as it will increase your chances of winning significantly.

Professional Help is a must if you land up on the other side.

We as a society neglect mental health so much because we only know one word for mental health problems, and it is MAD. However, suppose any person or yourself is feeling that you're unable to keep yourself away from gambling or you’re facing adverse emotions when you're not gambling. In that case, seeking professional help at the earliest is ideal. Psychologists and therapists are doctors who can read your mind and analyze the problems you're facing, and they'll develop strategies and exercises that will help you heal from the inside. So, getting professional help when you think you’ve entered the addiction zone for gambling is a wise choice.


Gambling is a term associated with bad things in our society, similar to alcohol, smoking, and other drugs. However, if we’re able to redefine our gambling practices and adopt Responsible Gambling strategies, we will be able to see fewer cases of addictive gambling in the future. Today, most online casinos are spreading and educating their audience to practice Responsible Gambling. If this virtue continues, we will see Gambling emerge as a fun activity in society soon.